Mission to the Lamanites

Encounter with Lamoni’s Father

Alma 20:8–10

On their way to Middoni, Lamoni and Ammon randomly cross paths with Lamoni’s father, who asks Lamoni why he hadn’t come to a planned feast, and why he is traveling with a Nephite.

And it came to pass that as Ammon and Lamoni were journeying thither, they met the father of Lamoni, who was king over all the land. And behold, the father of Lamoni said unto him:

“Why did ye not come to the feast
on that great day when I made a feast unto my sons,
and unto my people?”

And he also said:

“Whither art thou going with this Nephite,
who is one of the children of a liar?”

Alma 20:11–12

Lamoni tells his father what is going on.

And it came to pass that Lamoni rehearsed unto him whither he was going, for he feared to offend him.

And he also told him all the cause of his tarrying in his own kingdom, that he did not go unto his father to the feast which he had prepared.

Alma 20:13

His father is angry, and scolds him for associating with a Nephite.

And now when Lamoni had rehearsed unto him all these things, behold, to his astonishment, his father was angry with him, and said:

“Lamoni, thou art going to deliver these Nephites, who are sons of a liar. Behold, he robbed our fathers; and now his children are also come amongst us that they may, by their cunning and their lyings, deceive us, that they again may rob us of our property.”

Alma 20:14

Lamoni’s father orders Lamoni to kill Ammon, and go home.

Now the father of Lamoni commanded him that he should slay Ammon with the sword. And he also commanded him that he should not go to the land of Middoni, but that he should return with him to the land of Ishmael.

Alma 20:15

Lamoni refuses to kill Ammon, and states his intent of rescuing Ammon’s brothers in Middoni.

But Lamoni said unto him:

“I will not slay Ammon, neither will I return to the land of Ishmael, but I go to the land of Middoni that I may release the brethren of Ammon, for I know that they are just men and holy prophets of the true God.”

Alma 20:16

Lamoni’s father, furious at the insubordination, draws his sword, ready to strike Lamoni.

now when his father had heard these words, he was angry with him, and he drew his sword that he might smite him to the earth.

Alma 20:17–18

Ammon tells Lamoni’s father not to hurt Lamoni, but says that Lamoni is prepared for death anyway, he having been converted to the Lord.

But Ammon stood forth and said unto him:

“Behold, thou shalt not slay thy son; nevertheless, it were better that he should fall than thee, for behold, he has repented of his sins; but if thou shouldst fall at this time, in thine anger, thy soul could not be saved.

“And again, it is expedient that thou shouldst forbear; for if thou shouldst slay thy son, he being an innocent man, his blood would cry from the ground to the Lord his God, for vengeance to come upon thee; and perhaps thou wouldst lose thy soul.”

Alma 20:19

Lamoni’s father confesses Lamoni’s innocence.

Now when Ammon had said these words unto him, he answered him, saying:

“I know that if I should slay my son, that I should shed innocent blood; for it is thou that hast sought to destroy him.”

Alma 20:20

Lamoni’s father turns his anger to Ammon, and is about to strike him, when Ammon incapacitates Lamoni’s father by striking his arm.

And he stretched forth his hand to slay Ammon. But Ammon withstood his blows, and also smote his arm that he could not use it.

Alma 20:21–22

Lamoni’s father begs for his life to be spared; Ammon agrees to spare it only if they are allowed to go to Middoni to rescue his brothers.

Now when the king saw that Ammon could slay him, he began to plead with Ammon that he would spare his life. But Ammon raised his sword, and said unto him:

“Behold, I will smite thee
except thou wilt grant unto me
that my brethren may be cast out of prison.”

Alma 20:23

Lamoni’s father agrees, and even throws in a bonus of ownership over up to half his kingdom.

Now the king, fearing he should lose his life, said:

“If thou wilt spare me I will grant unto thee
whatsoever thou wilt ask, even to half of the kingdom.”

Alma 20:24–25

Ammon recaps the terms of his brothers release and Lamoni’s kingship and freedom.

Now when Ammon saw that he had wrought upon the old king according to his desire, he said unto him:

“If thou wilt grant that my brethren may be cast out of prison, and also that Lamoni may retain his kingdom, and that ye be not displeased with him, but grant that he may do according to his own desires in whatsoever thing he thinketh, then will I spare thee; otherwise I will smite thee to the earth.”

Now when Ammon had said these words, the king began to rejoice because of his life.

Alma 20:26–27

Lamoni’s father is impressed with Ammon, sees that he had no desire to hurt him, and complies with the terms,becomming curious about the things Ammon had taught Lamoni.

And when he saw that Ammon had no desire to destroy him, and when he also saw the great love he had for his son Lamoni, he was astonished exceedingly, and said:

“Because this is all that thou hast desired, that I would release thy brethren, and suffer that my son Lamoni should retain his kingdom, behold, I will grant unto you that my son may retain his kingdom from this time and forever; and I will govern him no more—

“And I will also grant unto thee that thy brethren may be cast out of prison, and thou and thy brethren may come unto me, in my kingdom; for I shall greatly desire to see thee.”

For the king was greatly astonished at the words which he had spoken, and also at the words which had been spoken by his son Lamoni, therefore he was desirous to learn them.