Brass Plate Passage by Isaiah Quoted By Nephi

Hearts will be Softened

1 Nephi 20:1–5
Despite God’s goodness towards Israel, the people of the covenant are indifferent idolaters.
1 Nephi 20:6–8
God has more to tell his covenant people, but they will not listen.
1 Nephi 20:9–11
God is still merciful to his people, and tests them instead of destroying them.

Israel will be Saved

1 Nephi 20:12–13
God asserts his power.
1 Nephi 20:14
Babylon will be at God’s mercy.
1 Nephi 20:15–16
God’s word is proclaimed.
1 Nephi 20:17–19
Israel should have kept the commandments.
1 Nephi 20:20–22
Leave Babylon behind, and declare God’s salvation.

God’s Servants

1 Nephi 21:1–4
The people of Israel are scattered, beleaguered, yet resilient servants of the Lord.
1 Nephi 21:5–7
The Messiah will be a light to the Gentiles.

The Gentiles and Israel’s Restoration

1 Nephi 21:8–11
God remembers the Gentiles.
1 Nephi 21:12–13
The Gentiles gather.
1 Nephi 21:14–18
Zion complains against the Lord.
1 Nephi 21:18–21
Israel’s gathering is powerful.
1 Nephi 21:22–24
Gentiles will have a part in the gathering.
1 Nephi 21:25–26
The Lord is the gatherer, savior, deliverer and redeemer of Israel.