Mormon’s Synagogue Address


Moroni 7:2–3
Mormon speaks to those of his brethren of the church who have obtained hope of entering into the rest of the Lord.
Moroni 7:4
Mormon assesses this is the case based on his brethren’s demeanor with respect to others.

Discerning Good and Evil

Moroni 7:5
This assessment is based on God’s word which says that the goodness of individuals may be discerned by assessing the goodness of their works.
Moroni 7:6–7
Evil people cannot sincerely do good—superficial piety is not beneficial.
Moroni 7:8–9
Begrudging offerings and prayers offered without real intent are neither profitable nor received by God.
Moroni 7:10–11
Actions, behaviors, and outputs correspond to the sources from which they flow.
Moroni 7:12
God is the source of all good; the devil, in contrast, entices to evil.
Moroni 7:13
All that which is inspired by God invites people to do good.
Moroni 7:14
Beware not to confuse good with evil.
Moroni 7:15
You have the capacity to discern good from evil.

The Light and Spirit of Christ

Moroni 7:16
Everyone possesses the Spirit of Christ, which is the means through which good may be discerned from evil.
Moroni 7:16
That which leads to Christ is assuredly a gift from God.
Moroni 7:17
That which leads to evil or the denial Christ is of the devil or his angels.
Moroni 7:18
This ability to discern is the light of Christ, which empowers correct judgment.

Faith in Christ’s Coming

Moroni 7:19
Searching in the light of Christ to lay hold upon every good thing results in becoming children of Christ.
Moroni 7:20–21
Faith relates to the ability to lay hold to every good thing.
Moroni 7:22
Every good thing emerges from Christ, who was prophesied by angels and an all-knowing God.
Moroni 7:23
The coming of Christ was foretold by God-inspired prophets.
Moroni 7:24
Goodness is manifest by Christ in various ways, all of which counteract humanity’s fallen nature.
Moroni 7:25
Until Christ came, humanity laid hold upon every good thing by exercising faith in Christ, as revealed by angels and the word of God.
Moroni 7:26
After the coming of Christ, humanity continued to become saved children of Christ by faith in Christ’s name.
Moroni 7:26
Jesus promised the Nephite disciples that their prayerful requests for good things will be granted.

Faith in Christ’s Authority

Moroni 7:27
Jesus may have ascended to heaven and been enthroned next to God, but miracles have not yet ceased.
Moroni 7:28
Jesus, now dwelling in heaven, claims all those who faithfully lay hold upon good things.
Moroni 7:29–30
Christ continues his work by dispatching angels to those who exhibit strong faith and godliness
Moroni 7:31
Those who receive these angels call others to repentance, further the fulfillment the Father’s covenants, and declare the word of Christ unto the chosen.

Faith in Christ’s Power

Moroni 7:32
By these means, the totality of humanity is empowered to have faith in Christ, receive the Holy Ghost, and further the work of the Father’s covenants.
Moroni 7:33
Christ declared that faith in him will generate the power to do that which furthers his purposes.
Moroni 7:34
Christ also issued a universal command to be saved by repenting, coming unto him, being baptized, and having faith.
Moroni 7:35
Assuming these things are manifestly true, have miracles ceased?
Moroni 7:36
Angels will continue to appear and the Holy Ghost will not be withheld so long as there are still people to be saved.
Moroni 7:37
Faith enables miracles and angelic visits; unbelief disables them.
Moroni 7:38
Salvation is contingent on miracles and angelic visits, and their absence is therefore an alarming signal.
Moroni 7:39
Meekness indicates faith in Christ, which is a requirement for being included in the church.

Hope from Christ’s Promise

Moroni 7:40
Faith and hope are related—but what should be hoped for?
Moroni 7:41–42
Hope is obtained after the faithful receive a promise that they will be resurrected and raised unto eternal life.
Moroni 7:43–44
This faith and hope are contingent upon meekness and humility.

Charity: Christ’s Pure Love

Moroni 7:44
Charity—a critical attribute—emerges among those who humbly confess Christ by the Spirit.
Moroni 7:45
Charity embodies the best virtues found in humanity.
Moroni 7:46
Charity is the greatest of all, it never fails, and its absence signals benightedness.
Moroni 7:47
Charity is the pure of Christ, which endures forever—those who ultimately possess it will be well-off.
Moroni 7:48
Pray for charity, which is given to true followers and children of Christ, and transfers his attributes to those who possess it.