Nephite Decline and Downfall

Mormon’s Return to the Military

Mormon 5:1–2

Mormon goes back among the Nephites, and agrees to once again be their military leader—even so, Mormon feels hopeless about the fate of the Nephites.

And it came to pass that I did go forth among the Nephites, and did repent of the oath which I had made that I would no more assist them; and they gave me command again of their armies, for they looked upon me as though I could deliver them from their afflictions.

But behold, I was without hope, for I knew the judgments of the Lord which should come upon them; for they repented not of their iniquities, but did struggle for their lives without calling upon that Being who created them.

Mormon 5:3

The Nephites had relocated to a city called Jordan; the Lamanites attack, but the Nephites successfully repel them.

And it came to pass that the Lamanites did come against us as we had fled to the city of Jordan; but behold, they were driven back that they did not take the city at that time.

Mormon 5:4

The Lamanites attack again, but the Nephites are again able to maintain the city of Jordan, as well as other cities they are occupying.

And it came to pass that they came against us again, and we did maintain the city. And there were also other cities which were maintained by the Nephites, which strongholds did cut them off that they could not get into the country which lay before us, to destroy the inhabitants of our land.

Mormon 5:5

Many other cities are destroyed and burned by the Lamanites.

And it came to pass that whatsoever lands we had passed by, and the inhabitants thereof were not gathered in, were destroyed by the Lamanites, and their towns, and villages, and cities were burned with fire; and thus three hundred and seventy and nine years passed away.

Mormon 5:6

Five years later, the Lamanites attack again, and despite Nephite efforts, the Lamanites massacre them.

And it came to pass that in the three hundred and eightieth year the Lamanites did come again against us to battle, and we did stand against them boldly; but it was all in vain, for so great were their numbers that they did tread the people of the Nephites under their feet.

Mormon 5:7

The Nephites begin to retreat, but the slower ones are ransacked by the Lamanites.

And it came to pass that we did again take to flight, and those whose flight was swifter than the Lamanites’ did escape, and those whose flight did not exceed the Lamanites’ were swept down and destroyed.