Chronicles: Chap. I


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“Chronicles: Chap. I.” Paul Pry's Weekly Bulletin (Rochester, New York) (29 August 1829).


chap. 1.

And it came to pass that the Westleyets that sojourn in the land of Parma, and all the country round about assembled themselves together, and pitched their tents in the wilderness, and they did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord continually.

And behold they took with them Roswel the mighty, for Roswel had had his heart changed and moreover he had been converted and had much money.

T hen certain of the priests took many of the people and brought them before Roswel the mighty, and he gave judgement against them, and he laid grievous fines upon them all.

And Samuel arose and expounded the law in behalf of the people, but their hearts were hard, and they hearkened not unto the words of Samuel.

Moreover certain of the brothers were very pious, and they went and brough leave of the people that they might find occasion against, and they went before Roswel the mighty, and swore, saying, “these men doeth evil without the camp.”

Then Roswel the mighty gave judgement against the people, for Roswel was a hardy tool, wherewith the priests might work their will, as his heart was hard and his mind was given unto sin continually.

And it came to pass that many of the sisters waxed hot and certain of the brethren went with them, and did shame in the sight of the congregation.

B ut the Westleyets shouted aloud, saying this is the work of the Lord! and all the sisters said amen[.]

And as it came to pass that the people were growing wiser, and they said one unto another, we will not have Roswel the mighty to rule over us, for his heart is hard, and he will not do justice to the people.

And now oh ye worshippers of B ad, if ye turn not from the evil of your ways, and do that which is right, ye shall be delivered over to the folly of Smith, and with his exhortations be tormented day and night forever.

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