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Palmyra Reflector

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Reply to Luther Howard. The Reflector (Palmyra, New York) new series, no. 11 (16 March 1830): 89.

Palmyra, March 11th, 1830.


DEAR SIR–When the present series of the Reflector is completed, you will please erase my name from your list of subscribers.

Yours, &c.


We have only to regret that this “little lump of anguish,” who measures something more than four feet in his shoes, had not requested an immediate discontinuance, as he is the only person of the same description our list contains. It is from the enlightened, independent, and liberal minded, that we receive and expect support–not from meddlesome, canting, or whining hypocrites–it is not from a man who professes, ostentatiously, to belong to a Calvinistic church– where himself and his family display a profusion of fine clothing–while he privately advocates the “Gold Bible.” This man has an itching to appear in print—he shall be gratified. We have many communications on hand respecting this pious as well as meddling worthy. His Geneva friends will not be forgotten.

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