“The apostle to the Nephites (Cowdery)”


Palmyra Reflector

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“The Apostle to the Nephites . . .” The Reflector (Palmyra, New York) 3d series, no. 4 (1 June 1830): 28.

The apostle to the NEPHITES (Cowdery) has started for the East, on board a boat, with a load of ‘gOld bibles,’ under a command, (as he says) to declare the truth (according to JoSmith,) ‘in all the principal cities in the Union.’ We must, however, caution this second Mahomet (Jemima Wilkinson,) to be careful how he treads upon the Old Saybrook Platform.

Oliver (he left out his two middle names in the “Book of Mormon,) may find his way to the Simsbury mines.

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