“Every thing in this world”


Palmyra Reflector

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“Every thing in this world . . .” The Reflector (Palmyra, New York) 3d series, no. 14 (28 August 1830): 108–9.

“Every thing in this world, is big with jest,—and has wit and instruction too, if we can but find it out.” . . .

Although there may appear much of jest, in the self-conceits of our fellow mortals, it frequently has the faculty to impress upon our minds, a melencholy tinge; still the vices and follies of others, if rightly appreciated are full of instruction, & we only require JO SMITH’S Magic Spectacles, or some other powerful optical instrument to turn them to our own advantage.

Our power of vision, although keen enough to discover the minutest error in the conduct or creed of our [108] neighbours, becomes obscured when applied to ourselves; yet should we by accident, or otherwise, for a moment turn them inward, without the help of some other medium, we can discover nothing, but perfection.—The heathen philosophers were loud in the praise of truth, so much so, that she was worshipped as a Deity. In modern times, this Divinity appears to be more feared than loved, especially so far as self is concerned, and we seldom listen to her with greater pleasure than when she developes the spots and blemishes, in the characters of those we consider our rivals or superiors, and in default of truth, even falsehood when applied to enemies frequently yields to the darkened mind, pleasure and satisfaction. . . .

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