Palmyra Reflector

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“Mormonism.” The Reflector (Palmyra, New York) 2, no. 15 (9 March 1831): 116–17.

MORMONISM.— Our Waterloo correspondent informs us, that two of the most responsible Mormonites, as it respects property, in that vicinity have demurred to the divine command, through Jo Smith, requiring them to sell their property and put it into the common fund, and repair with all convenient speed to the New Jerusalem, lately located by Cowdry somewhere in the western region. A requisition of twelve hundred dollars, in cash, it is said, was made upon one of these gentlemen, (Mr. B.)—“the Lord having need of it.” This request was promptly refused by the gentleman, who, at the same time informed the prophet that he would rather risque [sic] his soul as it was, (having been dipt) than trust his money or property in the hands of such agents as were applying for it.

We also learn from the state of Ohio, that the work moves on apace, Jo Smith with his better half, had arrived in that country—the prophet well clad, while the female exhibited a gold watch—a profusion of rings, &c.—demonstrating the fact, that even Mormonism is a “living business.” Cowdry had commenced holding private meetings, and eve-droppers had discovered, that scenes were enacted, which could be considered moral, decent or lawful, in none but common [116] stock communities. Dominy Rigdon appears to have burnt a letter from a friend on the subject of the “Gold Bible,” (burning is coming in fashion among the pious.) He blames Cowdry for performing, or attempting to perform miracles—says the world is not yet prepared for them; he has gotten at loggerheads with his old master Campbell, (the same who disputed with Owen at Cincinnati,) and by the best information we can obtain, “Gold Bible” stock is below par even in the state of Ohio.

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