A New Excitement–Mormonism versus Anti-masonry


Morning Courier

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“A new excitement: Mormonism versus Anti-masonry.” Morning Courier and New-York Enquirer (New York City, New York) 7, no. 1247 (21 May 1831).

A new excitement—Mormonism versus Anti-masonry. —An elegant new excitement recently started up, like Jonah’s gourd, in the anti-masonic district of Ohio, which is marching like a giant, and attacking the very citadels of anti-masonry itself. It is called “Mormonism.” It is already making great progress in the Ohio Reserve, and possesses more fanaticism than even anti-masonry itself. We presume Mr. Rush and the American will give us their sentiments on it, as soon as they can cleverly get over the recent Sam Patch plunge into anti-masonry.

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