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Ohio Star Rigdon, Sidney, 1793-1876

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Rigdon, Sidney. “To The Public.” Ohio Star (Ravenna, Ohio) (15 December 1831).

TO THE PUBLIC The Lord willing, I will deliver a Lecture on the Christian Religion, in the village of Ravenna, on Sunday, the 25th inst. at the brick school house, or at the school house owned by Dr. De Wolf.

I also give notice to EZRA BOOTH, that his attendance is desired, as I shall review the letters written by him and published in the Ohio Star, headed Mormonism, as those letters are an unfair and false representation of the subjects on which they treat. Should it not be convenient to review them on Sunday, I shall review them the day following, if a place can be provided for that purpose by the citizens of Ravenna; or at any time or place where it may be thought most convenient for all concerned.



Sir—As you have publicly declared the book of Mormon to be an imposition, and I believing it to be otherwise, at present, deeming it my privilege to know it as well as you, do hereby present a request to you to meet me in the township of Hiram, Portage county, at such time and place as may be agreed upon hereafter, to investigate this subject, before the public, that if I am deluded in receiving this book as a revelation from God, I may be corrected, and the public relieved from anxiety. Your acceptance or rejection of this request, is desired through the medium of the Ohio Star.


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