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“Mormonism.” Cherokee Phoenix (New Echota, Georgia) 4 (21 January 1832). Reprintedfrom Boston Courier (Boston, Massachusetts) October 1831.

From the Boston Courier.


A gentleman, of this city has presented for publication, the following extract of a letter from a Mormonite to his friend here. The writer was formerly a respectable citizen of Boston, and we are assured that his credibility and sincerity cannot be obtained.

CANANDAIGUA, Oct. 9, 1831.

We live in this place, and have ever since the 8th of October last. My mind and time have mostly been taken up in the labor of the new covenant, and I cannot say much which would be interesting either to you or to me, unless I write upon this interesting subject. You must suppose I have had a good opportunity of witnessing much of the proceedings of those who believe in the book of Mormon. The book causes great excitement in these parts, and many [text illegible] out their shame, and some believe and become meek and lowly in this region.

There are about one hundred souls who have humbled themselves and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and desired baptism at the hand of Joseph Smith, or some other elder,—for you must know that there are, in this church, elders, priests, teachers and deacons, each ordained according to the gift and calling of God. Upon him, many have been ordained, and some praech. Four of these only have gone out as yet, and they have gone to the Samanites [or Indians] to preach the gospel unto them. They passed through Ohio and preached, and three hundred have come forth: [text illegible] on counting, brought all their possessions and gave to the church. One of the first was an old miser, who set the example by throwing in all his property—eight hundred acres of land under good cultivation. Thus we see, that when the people became right, this will follow, as in the Apostles’ days.

There are about four hundred souls, and yet no one has aught he calls his own. This we have not preached; but it is the natural consequence of embracing the Apostolic doctrine, which we have done; for He has visited his people, by the ministration of angels, and by raising up unto us a seer and a revelator, that He may communicate unto us such things as are necessary for our preservation and instruction.

You recollect we were talking of the hill which contained all the sacred engravings; we thought it must be far the South. But we were both mistaken; for since I saw you, I have seen the spot, and been all over the hill. The time is short, and this generation will not pass before there will be great and marvellous things take place to the confounding of all false, vain, and pernicious doctrines, and to the bringing to nought the wisdom of this world; for Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation, and the day is soon at hand when the wicked shall be cut off and the meek shall inherit the earth, and the Lord God will turn to the people a pure language; thus is this is the first langage, and it is still preserved on the plates of Jared, and will be the last language that will be.

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