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“Mormonism.” Working Man’s Advocate (New York) 4, no. 1 (18 August 1832). Reprintedfrom Lynn Record (Massachusetts).

Mormonism. –On Thursday evening last, our citizens were invited to attend a meeting in the Town Hall, to hear one of the believers in the Book of Mormon relate the remarkable events which brought this new sect into existence. The Hall was filled at early candle light, with a highly respectable audience, as might have been anticipated from the novelty of the occasion.

The speaker commenced in the usual manner of conducting religious meetings—with prayer— after which he proceeded to inform his audience, that a very important revelation had recently been made by an angel from Heaven, found inscribed on metalic plates—and which related to the history of the lost tribe of the house of Israel: and that the time had now arrived for the gathering of the true believers to Mount Zion, the city of the saint’s solemnity, which is located, agreeably to this revelation, in some part of the State of Missouri.— Lynn ( Mass. ) Record.

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