Great Events


The Evening and the Morning Star

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“Great Events.” The Evening and the Morning Star (Independence, Missouri) 2, no. 13 (June 1833): 102.


IN the first thousand years, was witnessed the fall of man; the building up of Zion, when Enoch with all his people, walked with God three hundred and sixty five years on earth, and then were taken up into heaven.

In the second thousand years, the world was deluged with a flood for its wickedness; the tower was built that men might go to heaven; the language was confounded; the earth divided into continents and oceans; the people scattered upon the face of the whole earth; and America was peopled by the Jaredites.

In the third thousand years, Pharaoh and his host were swallowed up in the Red Sea; Israel, the chosen of the Lord, was overshadowed by his glory in a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night; and the building of the temple of the Lord at Jerusalem.

In the fourth thousand years, the ten tribes of Israel were led away captive out of the land of Canaan, and taken to a place by the hand of the Lord that has not yet been discovered by the Gentiles; the Jaredites were destroyed because of their wickedness; Lehi was guided by the matchless power of God to this continent.

In the fifth thousand years, the Savior of the world was born, crucified, and rose again from the dead; the most of the apostles were slain for preaching the gospel; and Jerusalem was destroyed.

In the sixth thousand years, America, the land of liberty, choice above all others, was settled by the Gentiles; the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ came forth in the book of Mormon, the church established, and the gathering of the saints, commenced, preparatory to the second coming of their Lord, that in the seventh thousann years the earth may rest.

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