Moroni's Lamentation


The Evening and the Morning Star

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“Moroni’s Lamentation.” The Evening and the Morning Star (Kirtland, Ohio) 2, no. 16 (January 1834): 128.

Moroni’s Lamentation.

I have no home, where shall I go, While I am left to weep below?

My heart is pain’d, my friends are gone, And here I’m left on earth to mourn.

I see my people lying round,

All lifeless here upon the ground: Young men and maidens in their gore; Which does increase my sorrow more!

My father look’d upon this scene, And in his writings has made plain, How ev’ry Nephite’s heart did fear, When he beheld his foe draw near.

With axe and bow they fell upon

Our men and women, sparing none, And left them prostrate on the ground, Lo! here they now are bleeding round!

Ten thousand that were led by me, Lie round this hill called Cumorah; Their spirits from their bodies fled, And they are number’d with the dead!

Well might my father in despair, Cry, O ye fair ones! once how fair!

How is it that you’ve fallen! Oh!

My soul is fill’d with pain for you.

My life is sought! where shall I flee?

Lord take me home to dwell with thee, Where all my sorrow will be o’er, And I shall sigh and weep no more.

Thus sang the son of Mormon when He gaz’d upon his Nephite men And women too, which had been slain, And left to moulder on the plain!

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