Hymn 26. P. M. “Now we'll sing with one accord”


1835 Hymn Book

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“Now We’ll Sing With One Accord.” A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 33–34. Kirtland, Ohio: F. G. Williams & Company, 1835.

HYMN 26. P. M.

1 Now we’ll sing with one accord, For a prophet of the Lord,

Bringing forth his precious word, Cheers the saints as anciently.

2 When the world in darkness lay, Lo, he sought the better way, And he heard the Savior say,

“Go and prune my vineyard, son!”

3 And an angel surely, then, For a blessing unto men,

Brought the priesthood back again, In its ancient purity.

4 Even Joseph he inspires;

Yea; his heart he truly fires, With the light that he desires For the work of righteousness.

5 And the book of Mormon, true, With its cov’nant ever new, For the Gentile and the Jew, He translated sacredly.

6 The commandments to the church, Which the saints will always search, [33]

(Where the joys of heaven perch,) Came through him from Jesus Christ.

7 Precious are his years to come, While the righteous gather home, For the great Millenium,

Where he’ll rest in blessedness.

8 Prudent in this world of woes, He will triumph o’er his foes, While the realm of Zion grows Purer for eternity.

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