Hymn 63. P. M. “O stop and tell me, Red Man”


1835 Hymn Book

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“O Stop and Tell Me Red Man.” A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 83–84. Kirtland, Ohio: F. G. Williams & Company, 1835.

HYMN 63. P. M.

1 O stop and tell me, Red Man, Who are ye? why you roam?

And how you get your living?

Have you no God;—no home?

2 With stature straight and portly, And deck’d in native pride,

With feathers, paints and broaches, He willingly replied:—

3 “I once was pleasant Ephraim,

“When Jacob for me pray’d;

“But oh! how blessings vanish,

“When man from God has stray’d!

4 “Before your nation knew us,

“Some thousand moons ago,

“Our fathers fell in darkness,

“And wander’d to and fro.

5 “And long they’ve liv’d by hunting,

“Instead of work and arts,

“And so our race has dwindled

“To idle Indian hearts. [83]

6 “Yet hope within us lingers,

“As if the Spirit spoke:—

‘He’ll come for your redemption,

‘And break your Gentile yoke: 7 ‘And all your captive brothers,

‘From every clime shall come,

‘And quit their savage customs,

‘To live with God at home.

8 “Then joy will fill our bosoms,

“And blessings crown our days,

“To live pure religion,

“And sing our Maker’s praise.”

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