“Mr. Sidney Rigdon,”


Messenger and Advocate Barr, Oliver, d. 1853

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Oliver Barr to Sidney Rigdon, 29 February 1836. Latter-day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate (Kirtland, Ohio) 2, no. 6 (March 1836): 273.

Coneaut Feb. 29 th 1836.


Sir, yours of Dec. 1835 was duly received, and has been candidly, and I think impartially examined, and as the subject of religion is one of infinit importance, so it demands our most serious and prayerfull consideration. To err on some minor points, is but the fruits of our imperfect judgments, but to be mistaken in some of the cardinal points of religion, may involve us in a dilemma awful in its nature, & eternal in its consequences, Hence, to know God’s will, demands our most serious enquiry, and to do it calls for the most diligent application of all our powers―

While I acknowledge the kind spirit in which you have been pleased to notice my letter to my brother Ebenezer, I indulge the fond hope, that in the same spirit of christian kindness, you will answer two or three more of my interrogatories, founded on some remarks in your letter, remarks, which to me are new, and containing ideas of vast importance,―ideas, on which, I have not been in the habit of reflecting, yet, ideas which I wish not to receive, or reject, without candidly examining. My queries, Sir, were originated by your remark “that the Gospel as proclaimed by the Savior and his Apostles, and as written in the new testament has disappeared.”―You will therefore confer a signal favor on me, and satisfy my inquiring mind, by giving a deffinite answer to the following interrogatories. 1. What is the Gospel? Is what is now written in the NEW TESTAMENT the Gospel? Is it the whole Gospel? 2. Where is the Gospel? 3. Have the Mormons got the Gospel? Have they got the whole Gospel?

Dear Sir, as those queries engross my whole thoughts on this interesting topic, I hope you will indulge me with an explicit answer to each, when I pledge myself to notice candidly, your whole communication.

Hoping that this correspondence may result in God's glory, and our best interest, I subscribe myself,

Yours in Christian kindness,


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