An Antidote to Mormonism


James, M'Chesney James, M'Chesney

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M’Chesney, James. An Antidote To Mormonism; A Warning Voice To The Church And Nation; The Purity Of Christian Principles Defended; And Truth Disentangled From Error And Delusion. Revised G. J. Bennet. New York, NY: Burnett & Pollard, 1838.


SHOULD any one think, that the language used in this work is too plain, and is wanting in the spirit of love toward the Mormons, we wish them first to consider where we stand, and the ground they assume, and, we think they will be convinced, that it was dictated by even Charity itself. They are, (they say,) the Anointed, the appointed, and the constituted, apostles and teachers—possessing all rule and authority—the very revelations of high Heaven being deposited in them; and every nation, church and government, must submit to them, and believe in them, without further reasoning, or suffer the pains and penalties of such disobedience, which is destruction and hell fire!

Now, we have either to admit this in full, or believe them to be the very worst dupes of darkness—miserable enemies of both God and man—engines of death and hell—opposed to righteousness and truth, and running a race or the wages of unrighteousness. I have no doubt the apostle Jude had such a people in his view, when he said, “These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the spirit.” Truly they have made the greatest possible separation, with all but the Indians; their expectations are of an earthly nature, and with respect to their “not having the Spirit” of Jesus Christ, I will leave you to judge.

There is no room for modifying this subject; no half way work here; the combat is desperate; the battle is one of extermination; nothing but the full length of the sword of Divine Truth will answer in this case. Since such is the [iii] ground they assume, and openly declare, we can do no otherwise than be plain.

If we can establish one abomination as constituting a part of their system, and thereby prove its pretensions to be presumptuous, and that whatever light it may emit, or good it may express, are borrowed garments; we have gained our point, under such circumstances.—This we are confident we have done, not only in one case, but in many; and how can this be done without plain language? and such only becomes a subject of such vast importance.

To the Churches we will make no apology, (however, we would not hurt the “oil and the wine,”) more than this, if our case is as bad as that of the Church of Laodicea; unless we repent, God will not only spew us out of his mouth, but will remove our candle-stick out of its place,—

And as for the nation, their sins stare them in the face.

We are, by scripture, instructed, that God would save a city for the sake of ten righteous persons, in ancient times; and the righteous are called the “salt of the earth.” If God’s dealings now, at the end of the world, shall be as in former days, the Mormons and kindred systems, might profit by this hint, if they should but think of it.

If any wish farther information with regard go to the Mormon doctrines, writings, and authors, than what is embodied in this work, we would refer them to two or three works of this kind already before the public, which are worthy of notice.


Brooklyn, Nov. 1838. [iv]




Reasons for proposing the Debate with the Mormons.—Some Illustrations of Truth, as it is in Christ Jesus.

ON my arrival in Brooklyn, from the Western States, where I had spent a few months, I found the Mormons were making havoc in our city, among some honest, but inexperienced people, which distressed me much in mind. And especially as it was in a street where I had formerly lived—its subjects my former neighbours, and those among whom, during the past year, I had labored with much anxiety for the promotion of the Redeemer’s kingdom. While I remembered the anticipations of former days, and considered the final result of such delusions, you may not think it strange, if I felt like rushing into the battle, braving all danger, if I could but rescue one weak lamb from the rapacious jaws of this lion. I spoke to some of its deluded votaries, and told them that I was prepared to show to all the world, that the book of Mormon, with all the revelations of Smith, were the greatest humbugs, and delusions, ever offered to an enlightened public, being the off-scouring of all former delusions combined together, and it would prove, if encouraged, the most formidable enemy the cause of Christ ever encountered.

This person requested me not to say anything in opposition to them, as it made some of the women waver in the faith, and as soon as Brother Pratt should come, which would be in a few days, I should have a chance to give my reasons, and offer my objections. But “Brother Pratt,” he said, “had so much power, and new revelations of light, that he would smash me to atoms in a moment!”

Well, I consented to die, and waited for said Pratt—enquiring frequently whether he had come. This ran on for some time. At length I understood Pratt had made his appearance.

Happening at a friend’s house, he observed Pratt had [5] just gone from there, and remarked, that, although he made a great handle of the subject of men preaching for money, still, he was desirous that a little should be obtained for himself. He had put him off till night to consider of it—and farther said, “He believed it would be doing wrong to give him anything.” I next understood Mr. Pratt was about starting for the “Far West”—going up to “Zion,” I suppose. I now began to fear that our promised chance of having Brother Pratt to smash me to atoms was all over. I made immediate enquiry of his friends. Some told me he would stay in town a few days— others thought two weeks: at any rate I was determined to leave them without excuse, and that before their Goliath departed; so I sent them the following note:—

BROOKLYN, October 2, 1838.

Messrs. CURTIS, PRATT, or any of the Mormon Preachers.—As such I suppose you style yourselves, and from this I would infer, you are believers in what I consider the Smith Humbug.—Sirs, we know that light makes manifest, and a calm investigation of facts can never hurt truth. I feel myself called upon by the boasting attitude you assume toward the Israel of God, and for the honor of a crucified Redeemer, to propose to meet you, for the purpose of calmly investigating this subject. And to do it in a proper manner, I propose the following method, viz: That you and all your friends, meet in some private house—(probably friend Snyder will grant the privilege)—I will meet with you, and bring a suitable number of my friends, of various denominations of Christians in this place; that we meet at seven o’clock every evening, and commence at half-past seven, in our investigation, and continue till nine, and no longer; each one not to speak more than half an hour at once, and no other person allowed to speak but ourselves; and thus to continue from evening to evening, till all are mutually satisfied; no other person to be admitted but as we shall both agree.—Each to have the privilege of proving his ground by any reasonable circumstances;—commence and close with prayer,—and I trust we shall know that there is a God in Israel.

I remain, sincerely,


P.S. We shall each select a person from our Brooklyn friends, who shall act as moderators on this occasion.

The name of every person who is to attend, is to be given in, and continue till our investigation is over. [6]

You are requested to answer this in writing as soon as you can.

J. M’C.

To this I never got a reply. But I was informed by a friend that he heard them say, “They would not even notice it—I was too small—not popular character enough for them.” And I suppose they despised me in their hearts—they wanted some great personage to display their Mormon powers upon. Although at that time I much desired this argument to take place, still now I am much pleased that it is otherwise. However, not answering my letter showed a skulking disposition in them. I am persuaded there could have been but little gained by such argument, for the cause of truth; for where there is debate and confusion, there is every evil work. And what can simple truth do, when darkness in its various characters is playing with its sacred elements, as a company of boys play with a ball? With whom, and where can you catch it? In confusion, the kingdom of darkness has chances without number against the kingdom of light—every thing goes with a huzza, and the impulse of the moment, so that reason and truth can get no foot-hold.

I know the Almighty has his hook in their jaws, and they can go no farther than he shall allow them, unless we press them forward by improper opposition, or feed them with our unfaithfulness, sins, and ingratitude, which alone is the food that can give them strength— without which they cannot live. It is well to remember that Michael the arch angel, when contending with the devil about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke thee.” The people of God have no weapon with which they can fight and do execution, but Charity, bearing the standard of Truth. Vengeance belongeth to God, he only will repay.

Yet such is the haste of our natures, (and in many cases it may be commendable,) if we see a monster carrying off the young, tender, and unsuspecting lambs of Christ, in his cruel jaws, we are ready to cry out, what have they done? and at once, willingly brave any danger for their sake; and follow him to the very gates of hell, for such an outrage, with the cries of a Redeemer’s blood. While the idea of his merely having taken a few old goats that have always been a trouble to Israel, and have never evinced the meek, loving spirit of the Saviour, but what they could not eat, must muddy with their feet, might have but little effect on our mind. Inasmuch as they are always ready, and prepared, for Mormonism, or any plausible thing by which their corrupt [7] natures can fight against the march of humble love. Yes, the bruised reed they would soon break, and the smoking flax they would throw headlong into the water—no half way work with them on these matters. The correctness of any thing is established in their minds, if it only join them in the current of hatred, fault finding, and defaming every thing but themselves,—while they lay most presumptuous claims to merit, standing in their own estimation on the highest notch of light and perfection. But such characters, whether they are Mormons or not, do not appear to good advantage beside those who find the command written in their hearts, to prefer others before themselves, and to submit in judgment one to another, always to abound in charity to their neighbour—having that love that “hopeth all things” for the best, that “endureth all things,” for the sake of their fellows—and without which, though possessed of all other gifts, they are as “sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

O thou God of Jacob, who in the beginning, in the majesty of thy Spirit, didst move on the mighty void, and divide the light from the darkness—move on the mighty void now in the souls of men, let darkness be called night, and the light day, and the new creation begin!

Let none of us be deceived with vain glory. Are we blessing and praising God, and with the same mouth extolling our own excellency—reprobating, dealing out slander and destruction by wholesale to others, and at the same time boasting with all the impudence of a Babylonish harlot? But the marks of the true Christian are meekness, patience, love, long-suffering, mercy, gentleness, goodness, truth; against which there is no law. But your selfish heart will rush you back, and you are ready to say, “Have I not done much good, and how pious I have showed myself, times without number?” All this may be, and what of all that? You have done what was your duty, perhaps, and you are still an unprofitable servant. There is no room for a Christian to boast, but “For me the Saviour died.” But let us look farther. Have you forgiven your brethren seventy times seven in a day; and are you waiting, hoping, and wishing, for a cause to excuse and forgive them, what you consider their faults; or are you proudly dealing out the shafts of wrath and fury on every weak soul that cannot come up to your standard? You say, you have light. No doubt you have—and much of it is the cold light of fox fire, which is only produced by rotten wood, and shines in the cold regions of the north, better than in a more moderate climate—is [8] always most brilliant in the dark, and has not one ray of the warmth of Christian charity in it. The Mormons, in this view, are not the only ones who are in Egyptian darkness, that, spiritually, is very easily felt. The kingdom of darkness has its lodgment in ten thousand breasts, that would enter the lists at once in open war with the Mormons, if called upon, but who are actually fighting under the black-standard of hell; and wounding the Redeemer in the house of his friends. Without love, there is no religion. Heaven is love. God is love, and Jesus is the Son of love; and if you are Christians, you are the children of love, begotten again unto a lively hope, by an application of love to the soul, by the Holy Ghost, the Messenger of love. This is the Spirit of Christ, and be not deceived, without this, you are none of His. Though you could speak with the tongues of men and of angels—remove mountains—cast out devils; or do any thing else you can think of, all is nothing without love. We would here invite you to read the 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians. It is the work of the Holy Ghost—the devil can never counterfeit this in your soul. We mean true Charity, or disinterested love for the souls and bodies of our fellowmen. it is a plant that never grows in nature’s garden, and what this world knows nothing of.

We can be Mormons without it, but cannot with it.

It is easy to kindle sparks, and raise a flame of our own, over party selfishness. You can thank God that you, and your sect, are not as others—and if you think yourself pure in doctrines, holier in life, you will not even blush when you expose your folly. But remember, “It is to this man will I look, saith the Lord, that is of a broken and contrite spirit;” who hardly dare cast his eyes to heaven, but “smites upon his breast,” and cries, “Lord be merciful to me a sinner.”

The Perfectionists, as well as the Mormons, with many others that could be mentioned, run on this rock, and founder in the deep, or, by storms, are dashed to pieces!

They place their eye on the wrong mark. It is the very nature of depravity to be looking for miracles, signs, and wonders. Like Naaman, when he went to the Prophet to be cured of his leprosy, they expect some great thing, which, if they could obtain, would not be positive evidence that they are Christians. “Well,” says one, “if signs, wonders, impulses, &c. are not positive evidence, what is?” We will tell you. To be a Christian is to love God. Now, to know whether we love God, let us examine if we love our neighbour as ourself. For we can only tell that we love Him whom [9] we have not seen, by loving his image which we have seen; and this is the work of the Holy Ghost in the heart, changing our corrupt natures, and bringing us under the law of love. This is what is called being born, or begotten again.

If you at any time desire to know whether you are a Christian, you have only to examine your spirit—the witness will be in yourself. Never mind the wonders, nor the momentary impulses, but look for the fixed principle of love.

But in looking into your own heart, do you find you are a backbiter, a slanderer, a hater of men? Do you congratulate yourself that you are so much better than others, and still feel no sympathy for their oppressions or sufferings—are all those pure, tender, child-like emotions of your soul turned into consequential selfishness? Oh, but says one, I am happy. Oh you are, are you? That may be, and your happiness like the crackling of thorns under a pot, may not last long.

But let us ask, have you ever had the love of God shed abroad in your heart, by the Holy Ghost given unto you? Then do you not remember the holy, loving, sympathizing feelings of your heart toward mankind? It would act on your own mind, raise you to God, then back on your fellows.

This is that charity of which we speak, Christ in you the hope of glory. This is His Spirit, which seals you an heir of heaven. Nothing else can fit you for his presence. Nothing else can be of any service to you. The greatest measure of this ever enjoyed by man, is only as a drop to that ocean in which holy souls shall bathe through all eternity. This is the oil you want in your vessels at the midnight cry, and without which you cannot go into the supper of the Lamb. Many live along by the heat of their neighbor’s fire, but let it not be so with us—let us see that the pure fire of love burns in our own souls. This is what we call religion. It gives its possessor light, so that “In him is no darkness at all.” Your grand adversary would have you run after some wonder, till he can seize you as his lawful prey. But never rest till you feel your heart in the love of God, and have for all mankind the warmest emotions. This is the kingdom of God, and its righteousness, which, when you have obtained, all other things will be added unto you; and you will find Mormonism running from you to the moles and the bats—it cannot live here, it does not belong to this climate—it is an inhabitant of darkness, where selfishness and hatred reign.

The promise is made sure by the King of Heaven himself, through the rich mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus [10] Christ, on the terms of the gospel—namely, repentence, forsaking sin, believing, giving up our hearts to God, taking up our cross, and following the footsteps of the Saviour—then the Holy Ghost, “Is to you and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call” —to perform this work of love in your hearts, to regenerate your natures, to make you new creatures, and bring every thought in sweet subjection to the will of Christ.

“Has not the time come for the Church to be gathered Into the one spirit of God?

Baptized in one spirit into the same body—

Partaking Christ’s flesh and his blood;

Drinking into one spirit, by which they shall see,

They are one in Christ Jesus, wherever they be,

The Jew and the Gentile, the bond and the free.”

Perhaps you may think you are proof to all our arguments, for you will say, I do love in my very heart. And who? why your particular associates; your sectarian brethren, or a certain few who are of the same mind with yourself. All this amounts to but little, “For if you love them that love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans so?” And if you salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even publicans, (and the worst of sinners,) the same? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father, which is in Heaven is perfect. In Matthew, fifth chapter, we are commanded to “Love our enemies, to bless them that curse us, to do good to them who hate us, and to pray for them which despitefully use and persecute us. That we may be called the children of our Father which is in Heaven, for he maketh his sun to shine on the evil and the good, and sendeth his rain on the just and the unjust.” This shows what it is to be a Christian. This is the mind that was also in Christ Jesus. If this principle lead and guide a man in all he says, or does, (not the narrow, and miserably contracted dispositions of darkness,) then, he may well believe himself to be led by the spirit of Christ; and consequently, a son of God; and without which, (be not deceived,) you are none of his, be your pretensions or boastings what they may. “O yes,” you will say, with a sigh, “Very true.” And here the subject will stop with you; and stop forever, perhaps, till you wake up among those corrupt spirits and demons, that are impure like yourself—in the regions of darkness and despair. Do you not see that this only is true religion, and nothing else will be of use to you—This is that work of the Holy Spirit, which if you ask, you shall receive—if you seek you shall find; and which God is more willing to do for you, than you are to give good [11] gifts to your children, or even to have it done. And will you allow your heart to remain like a cage of unclean birds? God have mercy on mortals asleep on the brink of ruin—starving in the midst of plenty, and destroying themselves by their own foolishness.

This work of which we speak, is that purity of heart without which cannot see God, no matter what your name, or on what you place your hopes, or what party you belong to, or how high your standing may be— “If you have not the spirit of Christ, you are none of his,” and “The spirit of Christ is in you except ye be reprobates.” These are facts that will meet you at the last day, and we beseech you lay them to heart, and let them have their proper influence on your mind. All things are ready to accomplish this work in you, if you are willing, and only ask it in your heart, penitently. Flee from those evil dispositions as from ruins brink, to one mighty to save; he will receive you as the father did his returning prodigal son; while you are yet afar off, he will run to meet you.

One important thing we will mention in this place, it cannot fail to be of use to every one who considers of it, as it will aid them in a proper understanding of the scriptures, and the plan followed in them, to convey instruction to us. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable,” &c. “No scripture is of any private,” (or limited,) “interpretation.” They are a general favor bestowed by Him, on the whole family of his children, for their good. And any, and all of them, may find a proper adaptation to their own various cases, at different times through their pilgrimage. As the soul of the father, so is the soul of the son; all souls are mine, saith the Lord.

There is but one line that divides between light and darkness—truth and error—sin and righteousness; and it is utterly impossible for these to be blended in any degree. The figures used in the scriptures, Israel, Jacob, seed of Abraham &c. &c., generally represent the true children of God.—Land of Canaan, Jerusalem, Zion, Promised Rest, &c. &c., the kingdom of Christ, and the heavenly inheritance.—Babylon, the Great Whore, Anti-christ, the Man of sin, &c. &c., wickedness, sin, depravity, and ungodliness in all its shapes.

Here the Mormons, as well as many others, wrest the whole counsel of God against themselves, and turn light into darkness. One man is no more than another with God, strictly speaking; sin only makes the division—the image of God in the heart causes his preference. It induces [12] blindness of mind, to consider any particular sect or people, the peculiar favorites of God, without the above distinction. As also to single out any system, or sect, as constituting Babylon, the man of sin, &c. In this way our mouth may be full of such stuff, while we are true sons of the old harlot. “The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink,” (things that have their existence in our present state of being,) “but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” If the Kingdom of Christ were of this world, then would his servants fight, (as nations do for their kings,) and he could ask the Father, and he would give twelve legions of angels to march to the conflict, and if his enemies were in this respect millions of times stronger than they are, they would only be as the chaff of the summer threshing floor, before his Almighty power. But this battle of Truth against darkness, is of a different character entirely, “Not garments rolled in blood, but burning and fuel of fire.” (Isaiah 5.ix.) Or sin consumed by the fire of Redeeming Love.

The religion of the Lord Jesus, then, is nothing more or less, than the love of God shed abroad in every avenue of the heart and soul, by the agency of the Holy Ghost; and is the same that the Father had for his intelligent creatures, when in the high councils of heaven he devised a plan for the redemption of their souls and bodies, through the atonement of a crucified Saviour.

Do not dream that you love God, while you hate your brother, or neighbour, or admit of hardness of feeling, or uncharitable actions toward them. If you do, let us again say, you are in darkness until now, and have not even known yet what the love of God is. How can you love God, whom you have not seen, while you hate them who are created in his image, whom ye have seen? Arise to a deep sense of this corrupt nature, and flee to the fountain for sin and uncleanness. Never mind the wonders, obtain the nature, and with it you have all things that your soul can desire. The enemy of your soul will try to detain you. He will want you to examine whether the Mormons are right or wrong. He will want you closely to look into the Doctrines, Governments, and Customs of the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Church of England, and many other sects; and to decide whether these things are all right, &c., because he knows you are but poorly prepared for the decision, and by these means to detain you from the Saviour. But whether they are right or wrong, it will be no advantage to you. If your heart is right, then all is right, with regard to yourself; you will then [13] be able to distinguish between the voice of a sheep and a goat; you will then walk in the light as God is in the light, and have fellowship with his children. Christ says of his sheep, “They hear my voice and follow me.” A stranger’s they will not follow, it is not the voice of love; and we say again, the devil cannot counterfeit disinterested love—this is one thing that is out of his reach. The theme is so charming, and expands into such an immense field, that we can hardly break off the cord of these remarks:

“My heart breaks forth in strong desire,

This perfect bliss to prove,

My longing soul is all on fire,

To be dissolved in love.”

In setting out in this work, or progressing in it, supreme dependence must be placed no where but in God; not even in the Church, nor the society of the brethren, nor in thy father, thy mother, the companion of thy bosom, brother, sister, or child, however pious they may be, if so, we may most assuredly expect to be disappointed. Your enemies, the worst of your enemies, may be of your own household. And whilst they think they are helping you, like the three friends of Job, they are only answering the design of trying, or purifying you, as silver; and this is a furnace through which you may expect to pass, before you can become thoroughly wise unto salvation, and prepared to offer unto God an offering in righteousness. Remember, “Wo unto him that maketh flesh his arm,” or goes down to Egypt for help, and trusteth in horses, and feareth not me, saith the Lord.

But we must close this chapter in the language of the poet:

“Soldiers of Christ arise!

And put your Armour on,

Strong, in the strength which God supplies,

Through his eternal Son.

Strong in the Lord of hosts,

And in his mighty power,—

Who in the name of Jesus trusts,

Is more than conqueror.”



A due consideration of Mormonism of more Importance to the Community than probably we are aware of.

IF God is about to loose something like the four angels, that are bound in the great river Euphrates—(Rev. ix 14.) if the great powers which have been bound in the midst of nations are to be loosed, it is time that this generation prepare for the worst.

There having been, of latter years, no persecution for righteousness, sake, but perfect liberty of conscience in the worship of God,—wars having ceased, and peace and abundance overspreading the whole earth; pestilence and famine being but little known, the man of sin, in a great measure, asleep; the governments of the earth all favourable to virtue;—it would seem, nothing were found directly to oppose the march of the Redeemer’s kingdom. But if these seasons are over, then let us prepare, “For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” Yet the true children of God may lift up their heads, and rejoice, for their redemption draweth nigh. If the great battle of Armageddon is now to be fought, then, ye sons of God, arm yourselves like men for the contest! Mormonism is no subject of laughter. It speaks with a voice like thunder to all the Religious world. If the character of the Churches is like that of the Laodicean, (and we verily believe they are,) if we are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, the Almighty says, he will spew us out of his mouth. If he stand at the door and knock, it is time we awake from our slumbers, or he will remove our candlestick out of its place, except we repent. If we do not buy of him white raiment, the shame of our nakedness will appear. If we say we are rich and increased in goods, and have need of nothing, he will leave us to see that we are poor, and miserable, and blind, and naked.

Think it not strange that Mormonism should make inroads among us under such circumstances. And if the tallest should fall, by this or some other foul monster, it would be no miracle, while we are to such a degree destitute of that eye salve, that would enable us to see.

The only refuge and safety for us, and the only way to overcome this enemy, is to give God our hearts to fly to the rock that was cleft for us. If we are [15] in possession of that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, we are safe; if we are under his influence, and led by his spirit, there is no danger. If the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, producing that charity which is the bond of Christian perfectness, we shall never fall a victim to any delusion—

Mormonism can no more reach us than it can heaven itself.

It is the duty of Christians to turn every thing to their advantage; therefore it is not for us to laugh and make light of Mormonism, but rather let our laughter be turned into tears; for if this should prove to be the rod of God’s anger, and if he has undertaken to plead his cause with his people, it is high time we knew it. And as he has said, “Shall not my soul be avenged of such a nation as this,” it is time we opened our eyes. We know that God is not pleased with our services, when our hearts are far from him; and he is disgusted with a form of Godliness, which is destitute of its power. Then think it not strange that Mormonism or something as bad, should prove a scourge to chastise an ungodly nation like this. Where, or when was there ever a people more highly favoured than we have been in this country? This happy country! to which our forefathers first fled as an asylum from oppression—for the enjoyment of religious privileges, which produces such abundance with so little labour, (leaving no possible excuse for extortion or oppression)—where every opportunity and facility is afforded, for the increase of light and knowledge of every kind—for progression in all the sciences. The healthy form of our government securing to every one full liberty of conscience; the Bible strewed all over the land, and all blessings in rich abundance showered around our tents, like the quails in the wilderness!

What language can portray the high privileges we have possessed, and do enjoy! And the Church, with all these advantages secured to her, what has she done? Nothing, we may say, comparatively. We wish to be understood. We do not say the Church has gone back, as some do, for in some points she has progressed; but she has done nothing, or worse, when we consider the opportunities and means she has enjoyed—instead of making suitable advances, and becoming clear as the sun, fair as the moon, and terrible as an army with banners, she has been lying at ease, stretching herself on couches, drinking wine in bowls, and never grieved for the afflictions of Joseph.

After calmly reading all the Mormon writings we have been able to obtain, we can only conclude, that this is best calculated [16] to affect such a chastisement as we speak of, under the present state of things, as can well be conceived. If God says, “By a foolish nation will I anger you,” truly we may judge this to be the one. The book of Mormon, with all the revelations by Smith, is the silliest, most barefaced humbug, we suppose, ever thought of—having its true character portrayed in every feature. It would seem to us an insult, to offer it to any people of intelligence, for their belief; for any person in this enlightened day, to allow himself to be prostituted to a belief of such silly falsehood, must be a disgrace to him, both in time and eternity.

But this is not the worst side of the picture. The final result of such delusion, is the thing for us to look at. The whole system of Mormonism, their mock revelations, &c., contain the elements of war and bloodshed.

Eight years and more have now elapsed since its first commencement, and let them say and do as they please, to contradict this assertion, they are dreaming now, as they were at the beginning, of obtaining the Indian influence.

We will refer you to page 557 of the Book of Mormon, second edition; and will not insult your feelings at this time by another reference to such trash. Addressing the Gentiles it says:

“Therefore repent ye, and humble yourselves before him, lest he shall come out in justice against you, lest a remnant of the seed of Jacob shall go forth among you as a lion, and tear you in pieces, and there is none to deliver!”

Cannot any person, of even limited experience, see from their writings, their preaching, and the whole of their conduct, that they expect the remnant of the seed of Jacob, as they call the Indians, to massacre and slaughter all that will not join in their dark proceedings. People may laugh at such an idea as this. So they did at Mahomet, no doubt, till his system filled the East, scourged that side of our earth, and has held dominion for twelve hundred years!

Smith has always had the Indians in view, as his book plainly shows, to whom it promises this fine continent with all its riches, when they shall have totally destroyed its present inhabitants, as a reward of their victory. And Smith, with all his deluded followers, and the Indian tribes, will possess the nations, while their blood will enrich the soil. In that day, (no doubt, as they prophesy,) they think there will be one king over them all—(no President in these United States.) And all these Mormons gathered to their Zion,—and Smith, we hesitate not to say, or Cowdery, or some one of them, anticipate being raised to this high sta-[17]tion—and this they expect now, in less than five years! While all such as will not be baptized into their belief, and go up to the State of Missouri, their visionary Land of Promise: “Not in haste, for fear of confusion that bringeth the pestilence”—as they have it, must inevitably suffer the above fate.

We will here just refer you to a lamentation by P. P. Pratt, said to be over our cities. We subjoin the two last verses, in case our readers should not have it at hand. It plainly shows the Mormon expectation, and also the designs of darkness to forestall the work of God, and frustrate the agency of the Spirit.

When the Union is severed, and liberty’s blessings Withheld from the sons of Columbia,—once free;

When bloodshed and war, and famine distress them, Remember this warning! and think upon me.

When this mighty city shall crumble to ruin, And sink as a millstone,—the merchants undoing; The ransomed, ∗ the highway of Zion† pursuing,—

Sing this lamentation, and think upon me.

This is to be found in a pamphlet published by this “smashing” Mormon preacher, entitled “Zion’s Watchman Unmasked, and its Editor, Mr. La Roy Sunderland, Exposed.” Here we see a true specimen of the spirit of Mormonism, and particularly on the 16th page, 2d edition, where is a most presumptuous and blasphemous bull, which this Pratt has issued on the head of the above editor. It reads as follows:

“And furthermore, as Mr.La Roy Sunderland has lied concerning the truth of heaven— the fulness of the gospel, and has blasphemed against the Word of God, except he speedily repent, and acknowledge his lying and wickedness, and obey the message of eternal truth which God has sent for the salvation of his people, God will smite him dumb, that he can no longer speak great swelling words against the Lord; and trembling shall seize his nerves, that he shall not be able to write; and Zion’s Watchman shall cease to be published abroad; and its lies shall no longer deceive the public; and he will wander a vagabond on the earth, until sudden destruction shall overtake him; and if Mr. La Roy Sunderland enquires when shall these things be? I reply, it is nigh thee—even at thy doors; and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

The work which this Mormon preacher is smashing [18] about, is worthy of notice; it is entitled, “Mormonism Exposed and Refuted,” by La Roy Sunderland.

We have heard a Mormon say while preaching, that they expected more revelations. He spoke of the writings of Enoch the seventh from Adam, who is spoken of in Jude, 14th verse.

∗ Mormons.

† Highway to Missouri.

These they expect to get. Oh yes, the book of Enoch will tell the story—doubtless it will soon be dug up, or some other way come to hand: and tell what Smith may want, in carrying out his abominable designs. We will venture to say, he can get just such revelations as he desires, as easy as Mahomet did, or as he himself got the Book of Mormon, with this exception, he will have to make it out of new cloth, whereas he had the manuscripts of Solomon Spaulding to assist him in the former case You may remember what Mahomet did in this way. Here we have both the book of Mormon, and the Alcoran before us. They both breathe the same spirit—are both in the same style—twins were never more alike, except that the book of Mormon exhibits more of the low vulgar than the Alcoran; and if they were both bound in the same volume, you would hardly be able to distinguish by their spirit the difference. I would ask, What cannot Smith do with so much to assist him, on every hand? When we take into consideration, a corrupt press can be bribed to say or do any thing—and in the midst of confusion, lies and falsehood have as loud a voice as truth; also how many there are who are divested of honesty and all fine feelings, and are ready to join even a herd of swine in any combat against virtue, if they can but have access to the spoils; and while you remember that their whole system is of an earthly, grovelling nature, and how completely it meets the darkened fleshly mind, you can at once see their strong hold.

We have heard the Mormons boast, that neither the churches, nor any individual but themselves, know any thing about the second coming of Christ. Now the doctrine they advance, and that which Pratt has published in his “Voice of Warning,” as he calls it, is borrowed, and very imperfectly too, from Winchester, in whom are many good views; but generally, his writings on the prophecies lead to an earthly, contracted disposition of mind, foreign from the noble, disinterested intentions of Scripture, and reduce them to a “private,” or limited “interpretation”— rendering one people or nation more peculiar to God, without the proper distinction already mentioned, viz., the image of God, or humble love in the soul. [19]

What strange systems of darkness are growing up around us, even in this enlightened day!

If it were not for swelling this work beyond its intended limits, we would refer you to various traits of the dark operations of unregenerate nature. But we cannot pass without bringing to your notice that self-consequential system of the celebrated Fanny Wright. The N. Y. Evening Herald of Oct. 25, states that, “The Mormon humbuggery has cost this country about $60,000 to keep order and quiet—Fanny Wright, and her humbuggery has cost this country not more than $1,000 to keep order and quiet.” But let them obtain their desire, and it will cost, no doubt, more thousands than it has single dollars, and in addition, rivers of blood to subdue the dark phrenzy such plans may produce. Let the trumpet of the kingdom once sound from the walls of Zion in its native power and purity; you will then see the true character of such systems, and find that there is among them all, a union and determination of spirit for the one purpose, namely, to oppose the Government of Him who was once the babe of Bethlehem. Nor does it require a deeply philosophic mind to see that they constitute a part of that darkening influence which is known by the name of “Mystic Babylon,” which shall be brought “In remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.” “Let them,” as we said, “obtain their desire”—let them charm a sufficient number into their serpentine folds; add to these the thousands of the poor, untutored, blood-thirsty savages which the Mormons expect to join with them, then think of the consequences; carnage, murder and destruction, must ensue; and with a darkened people, thus inflated, there would be no more room for reason or mercy, than with a wild cat.

I will here give an anecdote to illustrate my view of the subject. I once had a pair of favourite Grey Squirrels, they were so tame that I could play with, and handle them at pleasure. I kept a Drug Store at this time. One of them happening to get out of the cage, ran on a shelf where stood a bottle of Aqua Ammonia, which by some means he broke, and got himself completely saturated with its contents. In this dilemma, I had no other remedy than that of dipping him in water. I ran and took him in my hand for this purpose, but instead of receiving my proffered friendship kindly, and submitting to this treatment, at such a desperate moment, he snapped at me, bit my hands most furiously, and almost compelled me to choak him to death before I could apply water, [20] so as to save his life. This is a picture to the life, it seems to me, of a blind, deluded, infatuated, and beastly heart. And such evils as we have mentioned, may be expected, if such schemes as Mormonism do succeed. Only let us allow ourselves to think; what can be done with such a people; they are encased in an adamantine garb of their own party selfishness, nothing can reach them. The most heaven-born admonitions they view as coming from the devil.

The cries of love and mercy, they consider persecution and hatred; they throw, or consign all to ruin that are not just as they are; they pretend to make a great ado, as Mahomet did, about the Bible, but of which they know but little, and at the same time endeavour to place their Mormon trash before its sacred contents.

We will relate a circumstance, that will show their presumption, and the plans they introduce to throw into disrepute, and trample under foot the word of God. We attended one of their meetings, when, by appointment, they were to prove by the scriptures that the book of Mormon was of divine authority; or, if not, there must be such a book found. The speaker, after labouring with the 28th chapter Genesis, where Jacob blessed both the sons of Joseph; then proceeded to the 29th of Isaiah.—Here he strove to make his hearers believe that the prophet had this book in view. He next went to the 37th chapter of Ezekiel, where he made a great handle of the prophet’s “Sticks,” and, indeed he strove hard to cause the scriptures to speak to his advantage. Truly we were much disappointed with the weakness of his arguments. A few days after, on reading one of their publications we perceived he had been an apt scholar, and learned his lesson well, for we found the same train of argument, and indeed, nearly the whole discourse, word for word—but when he got through, he took the truth of God, the legacy of a crucified Redeemer to the creatures of his love, the Bible, (we shall never forget the air with which he did it,) and then the mess of lying wonders that compose the book of Mormon, and placing it on the other, held them up before his hearers, and said, “They are one in their testimony, and spirit.”

We could not but think, O, how the devil rejoices at this moment, in such a triumph, that any person for whom a Saviour has suffered could be found so bold in the cause of confusion and darkness, as to strive to remove the feet of his fellows from the Eternal Rock of their Salvation, and place them on flimsy, paltry, trash,—“Cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”


They talk much about having every thing according to Scripture, while you see, they are secretly throwing, if possible, its sacred pages into contempt, and denying its whole spiritual authority, and in but few instances following even the letter itself. Their conduct and preaching deny what Peter was taught by a revelation from God.—Acts x 34, 35, that he is no respecter of persons, but in every nation, he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness is accepted of him.

With them none are the favorites of heaven, but those who will submit to Mormon Baptism; and being shut up in their own ignorant selfishness, they throw death and destruction in every quarter, forgetting that it is said, “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.”

Every Christian mind cannot fail to see that they are strangers to what manner of spirit they are of, especially those who, while they are thus blind, still think they are in God’s service, being under the influence of hatred and malice to all but their own stamp; Charity, that only heaven-born principle, finds no place in them. It is evident they are “Strangers to God, enemies to a crucified Redeemer,” and “Without hope in the world,” that can save them in the last day, without first “Burning up their works.”

Their presumptuous boast of miracles, speaking with tongues, healing the sick, &c; even if it were true—and add to this, if they could call down fire from heaven in the sight of men; all these would be no evidence in their favour, while they are destitute of the one great principle, even Charity.

But passing over at this time, their situation in a body, as they appear at “Kirtland,” and the “City of Far West;” we will just hint at their base system of banking. It would seem by it, they were not only determined, that by the “Mouth of two or three,” every falsehood should be established, but by the signature of two, on beautifully engraved plates, which are sent forth by hundreds to a gazing world, they should be made to feel the force of falsehood. They have issued large sums under the name of Kirtland Safety Society Bank, signed by Smith and Rigdon, which at this moment are all over the country, (and some in our possession,) and which are entirely worthless, and by these means many poor persons are taken in, and suffer loss. Such things speak not well of any men.

Their Bacchanalian revels, where casks of wine are drunk in a night, called consecrated, which, one would think could fit them for prophesying, or any thing else: with the general tenor of irreligious conduct at their “Zion,” as they call it, speak but little in their favour.


Add to this the testimony under oath, of a great number of respectable citizens, giving the true character of those “Fortune Telling,” “Money digging,” Smith’s; and the rest of the “Gold Bible Company,” all these appear against them. But go with all these facts to many of those deluded beings, and it will have no more effect, than to throw water on a goose’s back. However, it seems to us, if we must be deluded, it should be by something for which we could give a reasonable excuse.

They make a great cry to cover their folly, of Christ’s calling illiterate fisherman for his disciples. True, we all know that the wisdom of this world, is foolishness with God; and “He chooses the weak things of this world, to confound the mighty,” “That no flesh may glory in his presence,” but even in such a case, ignorant fisherman are able to use such sound judgment, that their hearers are constrained, “to take knowledge of them that have been with Jesus, and learned of Him,” in no case, though, has it ever been, or ever will be, that the foolishness and weakness of men, shall become the wisdom and strength of God. This rule will not work both ways.

But what are we doing?—permit us to pause a moment. We are on holy ground. O, the cause we espouse; it is the cause of God. And who is like Jeshuran’s God, he can maintain his own cause, and subdue his enemies,—Yea he can make “The wrath of man praise him, and devils must be subject to his commands. At his word,”

The rolling billows sleep—

The sleeping billows roll. [23] . . .

The fact of their preaching some important truths, only shows the subtlety of Satan, who can “Turn himself into an angel of light, and his ministers into ministers of righteousness,” and, who never fails, when God is about to perform some great thing for his people, to endeavour to forestall the work of the Holy Spirit, to draw people’s minds from that, to his lying sophistry.

Just before the incarnation of the Messiah, how many false Christs arose, and drew of their thousands, who perished in the wilderness. And Christ has warned us against false prophets, that would come in His name, showing great signs and wonders—of whom we are to beware. At the destruction of Jerusalem, we have many such cases for our admonition in these last days. But leaving these, let us notice particularly the damsel who followed Paul and his companions,

“Crying these be the servants of the Most High God, that show unto us the way of salvation.”

The prince of night strove to raise the dignity of his power, by acknowledging that of God. Many such cases could be cited, but we pass on, hoping our readers have them in view.

Mormonism and its advocates should excite both our fears and sympathies. (Though all the enemies of God may justly be named Mormons.) But its ascendant power stops not here. Its cold influence is evidently seen throughout the community. In conversing with a respectable, influential gentleman a few days since, he observed, “He was himself, in some sense, a Mormon.” We asked how. He said “One evil ought to balance another; the world had been priest-ridden long enough.” This is truly a strong hold for Mormonism. And we think it may be clearly seen that such things contain too much truth, and that God in view of them, is shaking the rod of His displeasure over the heads of this boasting, dreaming generation, and will, no doubt, (if reformation does not speedily take place,) be avenged of that department [49] which can be denominated, an unfaithful, proud, self-empowered priesthood.

We have it from the authority of Mr. Roy, professor of Oriental languages in this city, that the word Mormon is derived from the Hebrew, and means an “Apostate, a Rebel against God, an Infidel.” Num. xx. 10. And Moses said, hear now ye (Mormons) rebels, must we fetch you water out of this rock? Consequently their very name declares their true character. They may well try to change it to Latter day Saints; but it is too late, Mormons they are, and Mormons they must remain.

This would seem to reflect light on the wisdom and learning of Solomon Spaulding, in choosing such significant names for his novel, which he entitled, The Manuscript Found. And we think it satisfactorily exhibits ignorance and fraud, in the whole system and proceedings of the leaders of the Mormon Faction; and represents them as children handling edge tools, of which they know not the use. And furthermore, it speaks to us in praise of that over ruling Providence, that will not suffer darkness finally to triumph over light, nor allow it to blend in name with truth. And thus we see their name is completely the mark of the beast in the forehead, and “Giving them money,” may be called “Receiving it in the hand,” without which you cannot buy or sell with them as children of the same family.

It is evident from what has been said, that the Mormons, as such, can have no part or lot in the religion of Jesus Christ—and we do not see how any one can be their friend, (as Mormons,) without being an enemy to God.

They have much to say against taking money for preaching; but they have a way of their own to procure it. They make it the condition of membership in their church to give money. In their book called Doctrines and Covenants, it is stated, as coming out of the mouth of the Lord,

“Whoso feeds you, or clothes you, or gives you money, shall in no wise lose his reward; and he that doeth not these things is not my disciple; by this shall ye know my disciples.” Not so with Christians, but by the principle of love, all men shall know them.

Their proceedings in our city, as report says, have been injurious to some persons. Their baptism, or immersion, it seems, is performed in the night. One of the women thus baptized, took cold. Application was made to a druggist, who for some few days administered remedies, till at length the preachers, (as we suppose) found a place to apply their [50] faith to advantage; then they assembled for the purpose of working a miracle, and she became better. We understand by the husband of another, that “The Mormons had nearly killed his wife.” She had in former sickness taken mercury as medicine. In their baptizing her of a cold night, she was taken sick, and the preachers would not allow her to make medicine; telling her she would sin against God if she did”—till she was nearly dead. (She must get faith, and be cured by their power we suppose.) We give this as we received it. We do not ourselves trouble them now, so our chance for personal observation is small.

We cannot but believe that Mormonism was peculiarly strengthened by the fanatics of the city of New York, and those along the eastern coast. About ten or fifteen years ago, there was much wildness of spirit to be seen, although then in its infancy; as it now appears. Meanwhile we understand the family of Smiths, and others, were carrying on a similar business, connected with fortune telling in the western part of the state of New York, and elsewhere. Many, no doubt, remember those in the city of New York, who said, or believed, that God was gong to discover unto them Robert Kidd’s hidden treasure; with which they were going to perform wonders for him. (Digging for money seemed the rage all around in those days,) some of these “Diggers,” we were personally acquainted with. The greater part of them, are now in the Mormon ranks; others, we believe, have ended their days in equally as bad a place; and such seems to be the consequences, to all who resign themselves to the influence of fanaticism.

Evidently, Mormonism is another gospel, from the fact that their books contain statements, and considerations, which the gospel of Christ never knew, and which are held forth as conditions. Salvation, if we believe; damnation, if we disbelieve. It differs as much in conditions and offers to the children of men, as the alcoran of Mahomet. St. Paul says, “But though we, or an angel from Heaven, preach any other gospel unto you, than that we have preached, let him be accursed.” Gal. i. 8. Therefore no man can be justified in wishing them God speed.

In view of all these things, considering of the Mormon system in all its bearings; it seems to cap all; and to be the last puny effort of darkness, or desperate exertion of expiring hope.

There must have been no chance for a choice of persons to espouse the cause; or such a mess of presumptuous folly, and weakness, could never have found its way before [51] the world. When we call to mind the histories of Jemima Wilkinson, Ann Lee, Sweedenburgh, Mahomet, the French Prophets, Joice Heath, the reputed nurse of Washington, the Moon stories, Land Speculations, Medical Quackery, &c, &c, we believe, for folly and presumption, they are all entirely outdone. And the famous Matthias, the prophet, appears like a child compared to this.

And we cannot but feel ashamed, that any person could be found, especially in those cities where the blood of a deluded Pierson, is crying from the ground, and the wounds of a degraded family are open; susceptible of such base delusion, as Mormonism. . . . [52] . . .

And now we must, though reluctantly, bring our remarks to a close. And we anticipated many a self-consequential, wise one, to make light of those things, who have always been in the habit of ridiculing TRUTH; by their sneers at Mormonism, and other delusions, saying “This is a fine kind of Religion!” But be it known to you, that darkness is not light, and their part in the religion of Jesus Christ, is even like yours, and they are of your party, and workers together with yourself in the cause of darkness. Now if this is a fact, (and most assuredly it is,) such persons may soon find themselves in a situation from which they cannot run, and under the righteous displeasure of Divine Justice, from which they cannot flee; and for which they had better prepare, not for our interest, but their own.

Two things only remain for us—light or darkness, truth or error, heaven, or hell, Jesus or the Prince of this world. It is our wisdom to “Strengthen the things that remain, that are ready to die.” If but one feeble desire can be found with us, for the path of wisdom, it is our life, and worth more to us than a world, let us cherish it with all our powers; and never “Cast away our confidence,” be it ever so small; for “It hath great recompense of reward,” and let us follow after love, till the principle becomes one with our nature, and rules without a rival. “Many waters cannot quench love.” It is that which sustained the ancient worthies at the stake, amid the flames, and while some were sawn asunder, and others persecuted in every manner, and chased like a partridge upon [53] the mountains,—(“Of whom the world was not worthy,”) this love of Emanuel, made the desert, to them, like Eden, and the wilderness to blossom like the rose. “This is the grace that shall prevail in the decisive hour.”

Without this, which is a new creation, by the Holy Ghost, in our hearts, we are undone; let our hopes or expectations, be what they may, they must perish. But the true child of God may

“Look to the rock whence he was hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence he was digged;” and with humility, rejoice in the God of his salvation. The 51st Chapter Isa, and many similar places in the prophecies, we may read with great comfort, and like Paul, when he saw the “Three Taverns,” “thank God, and take courage.”

We hope an excuse is already prepared for us, especially in the minds of the watchmen of Zion, for stepping on the walls of spiritual Jerusalem; and blowing the trumpet. We think we have not given it an uncertain sound; at least, we have tried not to do so, there remaineth sufficient time, for every one to prepare for the battle.

We have lengthened out our remarks, far beyond what we at first anticipated. In concluding we would say, let us give all diligence to prepare the way of the Lord, and make straight paths for him, in our hearts, and seek for honours at God’s right hand, and treasures in the Heavens; that we may be found of him in peace, at his appearing.—AMEN. [54] . . .


It is certainly true, that not only the Mormons, but other deluded beings, have been much aided by many things said and written about them, that were inconsistent,—being without evidence, and fleeting as the wind. If they only bear the probability of falsehood, they tend to help them in their madness and folly; for the word of the one under such circumstances, is of as much consequence as that of the others. Never was anything in reality gained to the cause of truth, by slander and falsehood. In fact the best way to help an enemy, is to belie him. If a person is accused of misdemeanor, and on examination is found to be less guilty than his accusation would make him, or less enormous, than was represented; this causes a re-action of the former opinions, which seldom fails to lead to entire justification, or to viewing the crimes of which he may be found guilty, less in magnitude than they really are; and so many a vile wretch escapes his due, by the injustice of others to him.

All diabolical errors can only be handled by facts that can be substantiated. We have seen in some of our Newspapers, things published concerning this people which we consider to be destitute of that foundation, which would render them useful in the cause of truth. After looking over such pieces, and asking ourselves what we had read, we would find ourselves compelled to answer, “Words,” “Words,” “Words.” And many of these flying stories, are only “Words.” It is easy for the most abominable liar to speak “Words,” and genius may be able to place them in any form, but facts are stubborn things.

We have been, and probably still will be, put to our wits to decide whether some of those stories come from the Mormons, for the express purpose of their own advantage, or not. Great stories may be told, but unless they are founded on fact, they only answer to call the subjects of their invective into notice, and by this means kindred spirits become the [58] sooner united. In this way an evil propensity of the dark uncircumcised nature becomes clearly developed, namely, to justify itself by straining the point to expose the follies of others. All such, however, are of the same family, and perhaps, one about as good as the other.

We have just been informed by our printer, that our prescribed limits were nearly filled up. This, to us is very unpleasant, as we have much matter prepared; being quotations from the Mormon writings, proving as we have held forth through this work, that their system contains the elements of War and Bloodshed; and their Books, which they presumptuously pretend to be Revelations from God; contradict the Scriptures of Divine Truth, and make new conditions of salvation—being a New Gospel. Also, that they abound with Nonsense and Blasphemy, and the most Silly Barefaced Foolishness, said to be from the mouth of God, accompanied with threatenings of damnation for rejecting them, and promising salvation for receiving, and believing them. Also, the testimonies of some eighty respectable individuals, setting forth the true character of the base originators of this faction, many of which are given under oath. And also, some samples of the Alcoran of Mahomet, to call the attention of our readers to judge between this young American Monster and the Ancient Arabian Hydra, that has so long held dominion over so great a portion of the globe. We could in no case feel ourselves justified in passing over these things, had they not been already published not only be E.D. Howe of Ohio, but also in pamphlet form by Mr. Sunderland, and Mr. Bachelor, in New York. However, we will give all our space will admit, and first the Mormon Expectation of the Indian Influence, from Mr. Pratt’s Pamphlet EntitledZion’s Watchman Unmasked”—his own quotations with remarks from the Book of Mormon,—wherein the Indians are promised, that on receiving this Book, they shall enjoy many good things, and “Many generations shall not pass away among them, save they shall be a white and delightsome people.” He goes on to say—See also page 514, and read the fate of our nation, and the fate of the Indians of America; in the day that the Gentiles should reject the fulness of the Gospel.—(The Book of Mormon.) See also, page 526, where a sign is given, and the time clearly set for the restoration and gathering of Israel from their long dispersion, namely, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, should be the sign; and in the day this work should come forth, should this great event commence among all nations. Also, p. 527, where all who will not hearken to the Book of Mormon, shall be cut off from among the people; and that too, in the day it comes forth to the Gentiles and is rejected by them. And not only does this page set the time for the overthrow of our government and all other Gentile governments on the American continent, but the way and means of this utter destruction are clearly foretold, namely, the remnant of Jacob will go through among the Gentiles and tear them in pieces, like a lion among the flocks of sheep. Their hand shall be lifted up upon their adversaries, and all their enemies shall be cut off. This destruction includes an utter overthrow, and desolation of all our Cities, Forts, and Strong Holds—an entire annihilation of our race except such as embrace the Covenant, and are numbered with Israel!”

Martin Harris’ Prophecy.—“Within four years from September, 1832, there will not be one wicked person in the United States; the righteous will be gathered to Zion, [Missouri;] there will be no President of the United States after that time; every sectarian and religious denomination in the United States shall be broken down; every Christian shall be gathered unto the Mormonites; and the rest of the human race shall perish.” [59]

In the book we have before spoken of, published by E. D. Howe, at Painsville, Ohio, this fact, with the whole round of the before mentioned, are clearly set forth, and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the “Book of Mormon,” was originally written by Solomon Spaulding of Ashford, Conn. he graduated at Portsmouth College, became a Minister of the Gospel, left the Ministry, went into business, and failed, then removed to Conneaut Ohio, where he wrote the book, which he called “The Manuscript Found,” which purported to be a historical record of the first inhabitants of this country, whom it represented as descendants of ancient Jews.

These things are testified to by the widow of Spaulding, his former partner, and a number of respectable persons. It seems he intended with the proceeds of the book to pay his old debts. It was carried to Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1812, where the author died soon after. It was put in the hands of a Printer named Lamdin, (who died in 1826,) with whom Sidney Rigdon was very intimate.

Rigdon obtained the manuscript from Lamdin, and after a few years spent in re-writing and altering it, forth it was ushered to the world by Joseph Smith, Jr. Rigdon and others, as a Revelation from God! Such is the origin of the “Book of Mormon.” . . .

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