The Mormon Bible


Christian Register and Boston Observer

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“The Mormon Bible.” Christian Register and Boston Observer (Boston,Massachusetts) 18, no. 970 (4 May 1839).


The Boston Recorder of last week contains the following singular development of the origin and history of the Mormon Bible. It accounts most satisfactorily for the existence of the book, a fact which heretofore it has been difficult to explain. It was difficult to imagine how a work containing so many indications of being the production of a cultivated mind, should be connected with a knavery so impudent, and a superstition so gross as that which must have characterized the founders of this pretended religious sect. The present narrative, which independently of the attestations annexed, appears to be by no means improbable, was procured from the writer by the Rev. Mr. Stow of Holliston, who remarks that he has ‘had occasion to come in contact with Mormonism in its grossest forms.’ It was communicated by him for publication in the Recorder.— Dai.


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