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“More About the Mormon Bible.” Alton Telegraph (Alton, Illinois) 4, no. 23 (1 June1839).


We inserted in our last number a communication from Mrs. MATILDA DAVISON to the Editor of the Boston Recorder, the object of which was to show, by a statement ofcertain facts, attested by herself and a few other persons, that the principal part of thecelebrated “ Book of Mormon, ” or “ Golden Bible, ” was originally written by her firsthusband, the late Rev. SOLOMON SPALDING, about twenty-six years ago, when compelled by indisposition to suspend his labors as a preacher of the gospel; and that, consequently,its claim to be a direct revelation from Heaven is a gross imposture. A subscriber has since put into our hands a copy of the New York Evangelist of February 16, containing anextract from a work entitled “ Mormonism Unveiled, ” recently published by G. D. HOWE,of Painesville, Ohio, which strongly corroborates Mrs. DAVISON’S statement. JOHN SPALDING, the deceased Clergyman’s brother, and MARTHA his wife, of Crawford county, Pa.; JOHN N. MILLER, of Springfield, Pa.; HENRY LAKE, AARON WRIGHT, and OLIVER SMITH, of Conneaut, Ohio; severally declare that, having examined the “ Book of Mormon, ” they are persuaded that the historical parts of it are taken chiefly, if not wholly,from the “ Manuscript Found, of the late Rev. Mr. SPALDING, as read to them by thelatter in his life-time; and that the names of the principal persons mentioned in the saidwork, as well as the most striking incidents recorded therein, have been brought fresh to their recollection by the perusal of the “ Golden Bible.”—We should have copied theentire extract, had not the space allotted to such matters been otherwise appropriated before it was pointed out to us.

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