The Mormon Bible


Millennial Harbinger Campbell, Alexander, 1788-1866

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Campbell, Alexander. “The Mormon Bible.” Millennial Harbinger 3, no. 6 (June1839): 267–68.


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SINCE reading “Mormonism Unveiled” we have had but little doubt that Sidney Rigdon is the leading conjuror in this diabolical affair; and that the widow of Solomon Spaulding, if found, could give some authentic and satisfactory information on the subject of the Book of Mormon—so far at least as the romance of Mr. Spaulding, the real basis of the fraud, was concerned. It would seem that she has been found in the wife of a second husband, Mrs. Davidson, and that the whole affair is now at length fairly divulged. Much pains ought to be taken to send this document through the length and breadth of the land—as the emissaries of Smith, Rigdon, and Co., like the father of lies, are ever on the [267] alert to beguile unstable souls, and continually lying in wait to deceive. The gullability of the present generation has not, in the memory of history, been often equalled—never surpassed. A people ignorant of the Bible are always an easy prey to the ministers of delusion and error.

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