Book of Mormon


Millennial Star Pratt, Parley P. (Parley Parker) 1807-1857

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Pratt, Parley P. “Book of Mormon.” Latter-day Saints Millennial Star (Manchester,England) 1, no. 10 (February 1841): 263–64.


This long looked for work is now out of press. The European edition consists of 5,000 copies, which we humbly trust will so far supply the public that they will now be able to peruse for themselves, a work which has been so grossly misrepresented; and which is in reality of more value to them than all the gold and silver [263] of England. What heart can be so indifferent as not to wish to peruse the record of half a world? Bringing to light Gods dealings with them, together with their history of the past, and their prophesies of the future.—I repeat the declaration, strange as it may seem, that a knowledge of the things contained in this record is of more value to every one of them than the gold and silver of Europe.

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