A Challenge


Warsaw Signal

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“A Challenge.” Warsaw Signal (Warsaw, Illinois) 2, no. 2 (21 July 1841).


If Joe Smith will bring his golden plates to Carthage, any day within three months from this time, we pledge ourselves to furnish a man, living not six miles from Carthage, to translate every word correctly, slow, and distinctly, so that it can be wrote down while reading the plates; if they are in the reformed Egyptian language. If he refuses we shall believe he has none or that he is afraid of being detected; and that further, if he will bring his plates that are attached to his Mummies, he can have them read correctly, if they are in the reformed Egyptian. The reading and translation to be done before a large congregation, in Carthage, Hancock county. If said Smith dare, and will accept of this challenge, he can make it known in the “Times and Seasons”—but if he refuses we shall take it for granted he durst not— by MANY.

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