Jacob’s Address at the Temple

Jacob’s Introduction

Jacob 1:17–19
Jacob prepares to speak to his people at the temple, motivated by his studies and his stewardship as their leader.
Jacob 2:1–3
Jacob is concerned about some of his people’s behaviors.
Jacob 2:4–6
Jacob notes that sin has crept into the Nephites’ lives.
Jacob 2:7–9
Jacob is reluctant to address such uncomfortable topics in front of a sensitive audience.
Jacob 2:10–11
Nevertheless, Jacob emphasizes his need to be blunt and honest nonetheless.

Pride and Riches

Jacob 2:12–14
Don’t flaunt riches in the face of neighbors.
Jacob 2:15–16
Remember mankind’s need to be humble.
Jacob 2:17–19
Before seeking riches, seek the kingdom of God.
Jacob 2:20–22
Pride has no place among God’s people.

Polygamy and Infidelity

Jacob 2:22–26
Many people have entered into polygamous relationships, justifying their actions with the historical accounts of David and Solomon.
Jacob 2:27–30
God does not approve of polygamy, and it should only be instituted when it is specifically commanded by God.
Jacob 2:31–33
Infidelity is unacceptable and destructive.
Jacob 2:34–35
Even the Lamanites are more innocent in these matters.

Words to the Pure

Jacob 3:1–2
Those that are the victims should be steadfast in the faith.
Jacob 3:3–4
Those at fault will be brought to justice if they do not repent.


Jacob 3:5–7
The Lamanites are better off: they love their families.
Jacob 3:8–10
Don’t hate the Lamanites, set a good example.
Jacob 3:11
Escape the grasp of sin.
Jacob 3:12–14
Jacob finishes his address by emphasizing that sin has consequences.