Jaredite Era

Omer’s Escape and Akish’s Mafia

Ether 9:1–2

The organized criminal ring of Akish and his followers give him an advantage over Omer.

Therefore, behold, it came to pass that because of the secret combinations of Akish and his friends, behold, they did overthrow the kingdom of Omer. Nevertheless, the Lord was merciful unto Omer, and also to his sons and to his daughters who did not seek his destruction.

Ether 9:3

Omer is warned in a dream to leave, and takes his family and those loyal to him to a place called Ablom, on the coast.

And the Lord warned Omer in a dream that he should depart out of the land; wherefore Omer departed out of the land with his family, and traveled many days, and came over and passed by the hill of Shim, and came over by the place where the Nephites were destroyed, and from thence eastward, and came to a place which was called Ablom, by the seashore, and there he pitched his tent, and also his sons and his daughters, and all his household, save it were Jared and his family.

Ether 9:4

In Omer’s absence, Jared becomes king, and Akish marries Jared’s daughter.

And it came to pass that Jared was anointed king over the people, by the hand of wickedness; and he gave unto Akish his daughter to wife.

Ether 9:5–6

Akish plots against king Jared, and murders him; Akish becomes the king in Jared’s stead.

And it came to pass that Akish sought the life of his father–in–law; and he applied unto those whom he had sworn by the oath of the ancients, and they obtained the head of his father–in–law, as he sat upon his throne, giving audience to his people. For so great had been the spreading of this wicked and secret society that it had corrupted the hearts of all the people; therefore Jared was murdered upon his throne, and Akish reigned in his stead.

Ether 9:7

Akish begins to be jealous of his son, so he locks him up in a dungeon, where he starves to death.

And it came to pass that Akish began to be jealous of his son, therefore he shut him up in prison, and kept him upon little or no food until he had suffered death.

Ether 9:8–9

Nimrah, Akish’s other son, becomes angry with his father, so he gathers a group of people who leave the kingdom, and join Omer on the east coast.

And now the brother of him that suffered death, (and his name was Nimrah) was angry with his father because of that which his father had done unto his brother. And it came to pass that Nimrah gathered together a small number of men, and fled out of the land, and came over and dwelt with Omer.

Ether 9:10–11

Akish has more sons who live and rule in wickedness; a power struggle develops between Akish and his sons.

And it came to pass that Akish begat other sons, and they won the hearts of the people, notwithstanding they had sworn unto him to do all manner of iniquity according to that which he desired. Now the people of Akish were desirous for gain, even as Akish was desirous for power; wherefore, the sons of Akish did offer them money, by which means they drew away the more part of the people after them.

Ether 9:12–13

A horrific civil war ensues, and the gross majority of Akish’s kingdom is annihilated; the few survivors join Omer’s kingdom, which now expands back into Akish’s prior holdings.

And there began to be a war between the sons of Akish and Akish, which lasted for the space of many years, yea, unto the destruction of nearly all the people of the kingdom, yea, even all, save it were thirty souls, and they who fled with the house of Omer. Wherefore, Omer was restored again to the land of his inheritance.