Jaredite Era

The Captivity of Hearthom, Heth, Aaron, Amnigaddah, Coriantum and Com

Ether 10:30

Hearthom succeeds his father as king, but is overthrown and taken captive.

And it came to pass that Hearthom reigned in the stead of his father. And when Hearthom had reigned twenty and four years, behold, the kingdom was taken away from him. And he served many years in captivity, yea, even all the remainder of his days.

Ether 10:31

Hearthom’s son Heth, Heth’s son Aaron, Aaron’s son Amnigaddah, and Amnigaddah’ son Coriantum all live their lives as captives; Coriantum has a son named Com.

And he begat Heth, and Heth lived in captivity all his days. And Heth begat Aaron, and Aaron dwelt in captivity all his days; and he begat Amnigaddah, and Amnigaddah also dwelt in captivity all his days; and he begat Coriantum, and Coriantum dwelt in captivity all his days; and he begat Com.

Ether 10:32

Com is able to regain half of the kingdom; he then goes to war with the rival king, Amgid, and is successful in conquering the entire kingdom.

And it came to pass that Com drew away the half of the kingdom. And he reigned over the half of the kingdom forty and two years; and he went to battle against the king, Amgid, and they fought for the space of many years, during which time Com gained power over Amgid, and obtained power over the remainder of the kingdom.

Ether 10:33–34

The secret organization of the past again resurfaces, despite Com’s opposition efforts.

And in the days of Com there began to be robbers in the land; and they adopted the old plans, and administered oaths after the manner of the ancients, and sought again to destroy the kingdom. Now Com did fight against them much; nevertheless, he did not prevail against them.

Ether 11:1–4

Many prophets emerge and warn against the secret societies of evil; the prophets also associate directly with Com, who is blessed, and has a son named Shiblom.

And there came also in the days of Com many prophets, and prophesied of the destruction of that great people except they should repent, and turn unto the Lord, and forsake their murders and wickedness. And it came to pass that the prophets were rejected by the people, and they fled unto Com for protection, for the people sought to destroy them. And they prophesied unto Com many things; and he was blessed in all the remainder of his days. And he lived to a good old age, and begat Shiblom; and Shiblom reigned in his stead.