Jaredite Era

The Jaredite Kingdom Under Orihah, Kib, and Corihor

Ether 6:28

Orihah begins to reign, and the Jaredites prosper.

And he began to reign, and the people began to prosper; and they became exceedingly rich.

Ether 6:29

Jared and his brother both die.

And it came to pass that Jared died, and his brother also.

Ether 6:30

Orihah reigns humbly, aware of the good graces of God toward his people.

And it came to pass that Orihah did walk humbly before the Lord, and did remember how great things the Lord had done for his father, and also taught his people how great things the Lord had done for their fathers.

Ether 7:1

Orihah reigns for a long time in righteousness.

And it came to pass that Orihah did execute judgment upon the land in righteousness all his days, whose days were exceedingly many.

Ether 7:2

Orihah has 31 children, 23 of which were sons.

And he begat sons and daughters; yea, he begat thirty and one, among whom were twenty and three sons.

Ether 7:3

Orihah has another son, Kib.

And it came to pass that he also begat Kib in his old age.

Ether 7:3

Kib succeeds Orihah as king.

And it came to pass that Kib reigned in his stead;

Ether 7:3–4

Kib has a son, Corihor, who rebels against Kib, deserts the Jaredite body, and establishes himself and his followers in a land called Nehor.

And Kib begat Corihor. And when Corihor was thirty and two years old he rebelled against his father, and went over and dwelt in the land of Nehor; and he begat sons and daughters, and they became exceedingly fair; wherefore Corihor drew away many people after him.

Ether 7:5–6

Corihor gathers an army in Nehor, and attacks Kib’s kingdom, which was in a place call Moron; Kib is defeated.

And when he had gathered together an army he came up unto the land of Moron where the king dwelt, and took him captive, which brought to pass the saying of the brother of Jared that they would be brought into captivity. Now the land of Moron, where the king dwelt, was near the land which is called Desolation by the Nephites.

Ether 7:7

Kib lives captive under his son Corihor’s rule; while in captivity, he has a son named Shule.

And it came to pass that Kib dwelt in captivity, and his people under Corihor his son, until he became exceedingly old; nevertheless Kib begat Shule in his old age, while he was yet in captivity.

Ether 7:8–9

Shule is angry with his brother Corihor; he makes swords at a hill called Ephraim, assembles supporters, and succesfully battles Corihor at Nehor, and restores the kingdom to Kib.

And it came to pass that Shule was angry with his brother; and Shule waxed strong, and became mighty as to the strength of a man; and he was also mighty in judgment. Wherefore, he came to the hill Ephraim, and he did molten out of the hill, and made swords out of steel for those whom he had drawn away with him; and after he had armed them with swords he returned to the city Nehor and gave battle unto his brother Corihor, by which means he obtained the kingdom and restored it unto his father Kib.