Jaredite Era

The Reign of Riplakish

Ether 10:5

Riplakish abuses his kingly power, imposes absurd taxes, lives in opulence, and has many wives and mistresses.

And it came to pass that Riplakish did not do that which was right in the sight of the Lord, for he did have many wives and concubines, and did lay that upon men’s shoulders which was grievous to be borne; yea, he did tax them with heavy taxes; and with the taxes he did build many spacious buildings.

Ether 10:6

Riplakish builds a beautiful throne; he forces all his subjects to work, and pay taxes, and those unable to pay are thrown in prison, where they become his slaves.

And he did erect him an exceedingly beautiful throne; and he did build many prisons, and whoso would not be subject unto taxes he did cast into prison; and whoso was not able to pay taxes he did cast into prison; and he did cause that they should labor continually for their support; and whoso refused to labor he did cause to be put to death.

Ether 10:7

Riplakish exploits the imprisoned slaves and has them make all kinds of gold and ornaments.

wherefore he did obtain all his fine work, yea, even his fine gold he did cause to be refined in prison, and all manner of fine workmanship he did cause to be wrought in prison. And it came to pass that he did afflict the people with his whoredoms and abominations.

Ether 10:8

The people finally revolt, kill Riplakish, and exhile his descendants.

And when he had reigned for the space of forty and two years the people did rise up in rebellion against him; and there began to be war again in the land, insomuch that Riplakish was killed, and his descendants were driven out of the land.