Jaredite Era

The Reign of Shez

Ether 10:1

Heth dies in the famine, and his descendant, Shez, takes upon himself the task of reconstructing the ravaged nation.

And it came to pass that Shez, who was a descendant of Heth— for Heth had perished by the famine, and all his household save it were Shez—wherefore, Shez began to build up again a broken people.

Ether 10:2

Shez remembers the fate of his fathers, builds the kingdom righeously, remembering the good graces of God.

And it came to pass that Shez did remember the destruction of his fathers, and he did build up a righteous kingdom; for he remembered what the Lord had done in bringing Jared and his brother across the deep; and he did walk in the ways of the Lord; and he begat sons and daughters.

Ether 10:3

Shez has a son (also named Shez) who begins to rebel against his father, but is soon enough attacked by a robber; his father it put back at ease.

And his eldest son, whose name was Shez, did rebel against him; nevertheless, Shez was smitten by the hand of a robber, because of his exceeding riches, which brought peace again unto his father.

Ether 10:4

Shez continues to reign righteously until his death; his other son named Riplakish takes his place as king.

And it came to pass that his father did build up many cities upon the face of the land, and the people began again to spread over all the face of the land. And Shez did live to an exceedingly old age; and he begat Riplakish. And he died, and Riplakish reigned in his stead.