Mormon Abridges the Nephite Records

Mormon’s Message to Israel and the Gentiles

Mormon 3:17–19

Mormon writes to the Gentiles, to Israel, and to all the earth.

Therefore I write unto you, Gentiles, and also unto you, house of Israel, when the work shall commence, that ye shall be about to prepare to return to the land of your inheritance; Yea, behold, I write unto all the ends of the earth; yea, unto you, twelve tribes of Israel, who shall be judged according to your works by the twelve whom Jesus chose to be his disciples in the land of Jerusalem.

Mormon 3:20

Every soul must stand and the judgment bar of God to be judged of their works.

And these things doth the Spirit manifest unto me; therefore I write unto you all. And for this cause I write unto you, that ye may know that ye must all stand before the judgment–seat of Christ, yea, every soul who belongs to the whole human family of Adam; and ye must stand to be judged of your works, whether they be good or evil;

Mormon 3:21

Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, both Gentile and Jew.

And also that ye may believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, which ye shall have among you; and also that the Jews, the covenant people of the Lord, shall have other witness besides him whom they saw and heard, that Jesus, whom they slew, was the very Christ and the very God.

Mormon 3:22

Mormon wishes he could prepare all men to repent and prepare for the judgement.

And I would that I could persuade all ye ends of the earth to repent and prepare to stand before the judgment–seat of Christ.