Moroni Finalizes the Book of Mormon

Moroni’s Exchange With the Lord

Ether 12:23–25

Moroni laments to the Lord, telling him that people will mock his writings, because of his weaknesses; he is deeply concerned about the effectiveness of his message in light of the limitations of written records.

And I said unto him:

“Lord, the Gentiles will mock at these things, because of our weakness in writing; for Lord thou hast made us mighty in word by faith, but thou hast not made us mighty in writing; for thou hast made all this people that they could speak much, because of the Holy Ghost which thou hast given them;

And thou hast made us that we could write but little, because of the awkwardness of our hands. Behold, thou hast not made us mighty in writing like unto the brother of Jared, for thou madest him that the things which he wrote were mighty even as thou art, unto the overpowering of man to read them. Thou hast also made our words powerful and great, even that we cannot write them; wherefore, when we write we behold our weakness, and stumble because of the placing of our words; and I fear lest the Gentiles shall mock at our words. ”

Ether 12:26–28

The Lord reassures Moroni that those who mock will mourn, and that the Lord gives weaknesses to people so that they humble themselves; the Lord will prove that faith, hope and charity leads to him: the fountain of all righteousness.

And when I had said this, the Lord spake unto me, saying:

“Fools mock, but they shall mourn; and my grace is sufficient for the meek, that they shall take no advantage of your weakness; And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.

I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness.”

Ether 12:29–35

Moroni is comforted, and rejoices in the power of faith and his hope for a place in God’s kingdom.

And I, Moroni, having heard these words, was comforted, and said:

“O Lord, thy righteous will be done, for I know that thou workest unto the children of men according to their faith; For the brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin, Remove—and it was removed. And if he had not had faith it would not have moved; wherefore thou workest after men have faith.

For thus didst thou manifest thyself unto thy disciples; for after they had faith, and did speak in thy name, thou didst show thyself unto them in great power.

And I also remember that thou hast said that thou hast prepared a house for man, yea, even among the mansions of thy Father, in which man might have a more excellent hope; wherefore man must hope, or he cannot receive an inheritance in the place which thou hast prepared.

And again, I remember that thou hast said that thou hast loved the world, even unto the laying down of thy life for the world, that thou mightest take it again to prepare a place for the children of men.

And now I know that this love which thou hast had for the children of men is charity; wherefore, except men shall have charity they cannot inherit that place which thou hast prepared in the mansions of thy Father.

Wherefore, I know by this thing which thou hast said, that if the Gentiles have not charity, because of our weakness, that thou wilt prove them, and take away their talent, yea, even that which they have received, and give unto them who shall have more abundantly.”

Ether 12:36

Moroni prays for the Gentiles, in hopes that they might receive grace and charity.

And it came to pass that I prayed unto the Lord that he would give unto the Gentiles grace, that they might have charity.

Ether 12:37

The Lord commends Moroni for his faithfulness and assures him a place in his Father’s mansions.

And it came to pass that the Lord said unto me:

“If they have not charity it mattereth not unto thee,
thou hast been faithful;
wherefore, thy garments shall be made clean.

And because thou hast seen thy weakness
thou shalt be made strong,
even unto the sitting down in the place
which I have prepared in the mansions of my Father.”

Ether 12:38–40

Moroni bids farewell to the Gentiles and the house of Israel, and affirms his convictions and witness of Christ.

And now I, Moroni, bid farewell unto the Gentiles, yea, and also unto my brethren whom I love, until we shall meet before the judgment–seat of Christ, where all men shall know that my garments are not spotted with your blood. And then shall ye know that I have seen Jesus, and that he hath talked with me face to face, and that he told me in plain humility, even as a man telleth another in mine own language, concerning these things; And only a few have I written, because of my weakness in writing.

Ether 12:41

Moroni sends out the invitation to come and seek Jesus, who the prophets have spoken of.

And now, I would commend you to seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written, that the grace of God the Father, and also the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of them, may be and abide in you forever. Amen.