Nephi’s Preaching and Prophecies

Nephi’s Garden Tower

Helaman 7:1–3
Nephi returns to Zarahemla after his journey to the land northward, where his preaching had been rejected.
Helaman 7:4–5
The government in Zarahemla has become corrupt, and the whole society is decaying.
Helaman 7:6–9
Nephi laments the corrupt state of the people, and wishes he could have lived in the times of the early Lehite settlers.
Helaman 7:10
Nephi climbs up on his garden tower, and prays.
Helaman 7:11
Many people see him praying, and a crowd gathers around him.
Helaman 7:12–29, 8:3
Noticing the crowd that has gathered, Nephi arises and openly condemns the people for their evil ways, and calls them to repentance.
Helaman 8:1–2
Some public officials among the crowd become offended, and order Nephi to be arrested.
Helaman 8:4–6
The corrupt officials try to rally the crowd, and turn them against Nephi.
Helaman 8:7–9
Some people in the crowd defend Nephi, and affirm that he is a prophet, who truly knows of the corrupt state of the people.
Helaman 8:10
Those trying to oppose Nephi become uneasy, seeing that Nephi has supporters.
Helaman 8:11–28
Nephi again addresses the crowd, reminding them of their heritage and the Messianic prophesies—he then shocks the crowd by telling them that their corruption has reached the highest ranks of their government, and that their chief judge has been murdered, and is dead in the judgment seat.

Murder and Conspiracy at the Judgment Seat

Helaman 9:1–2
Upon hearing Nephi’s prophecy, five men run to the judgment seat to verify Nephi’s words.
Helaman 9:3–5
The five men arrive at the judgment seat, and find that the chief judge is indeed dead—they are shocked, and fall to the ground, convulsing.
Helaman 9:6–8
Other people arrive, and see the dead chief judge, and five men on the ground; they assume that the five men are the murderers.
Helaman 9:9
The people proclaim that the chief judge has been murdered and the guilty party is in custody.
Helaman 9:10–12
The next day, at the funeral, the corrupt officials who opposed Nephi the day before ask the people what happened to the five men that were sent to verify Nephi’s words.
Helaman 9:12
The people reply that know nothing of five men sent to verify Nephi’s words, but that five men were in custody for killing the judge.
Helaman 9:13–15
The officials summon the five prisoners, who explain that the chief judge was dead upon their arrival, and that Nephi’s words are true.
Helaman 9:16–17
The officials determine that Nephi must have been a co–conspirator in the plot to kill the chief judge.
Helaman 9:18
The five men are freed, but they oppose the accusations against Nephi.

Nephi’s Trial

Helaman 9:19
Despite the opposition by the five men, Nephi is bound and brought before the people.
Helaman 9:20
The legal officials question him, and even try to bribe him into confessing.
Helaman 9:19–36
Nephi rebukes them, then tells them to go see Seantum, the brother of the chief judge, who is the true murderer; he will deny it, but will confess when his brother’s blood is found on his clothes.
Helaman 9:37–38
The people go to Seantum, and he responds just as Nephi said he would—Nephi is set free.
Helaman 9:39–41
Many people begin to believe Nephi and esteem him highly.
Helaman 10:1
The crowd disperses, and Nephi is left alone.

Nephi’s Power and Preaching

Helaman 10:2–11
As Nephi walks home, he hears the voice of God; God blesses him, gives him the power to seal on earth and heaven, and grants him full access to divine power.
Helaman 10:12–13
Nephi decides not to go home, but rather to preach to the people and warn them that they will be destroyed if they don’t repent, but most people still do not believe.
Helaman 10:14
Nephi again emphasizes the grim future of the people if they don’t repent.
Helaman 10:15–16
The people try to attack Nephi, but he is spirited away before they can reach him.
Helaman 10:17–19
Nephi travels from one group to another, continually teaching and preaching the word of God.

Nephite Famine

Helaman 11:1–2
For next few years, the Gadianton robbers again grow in power, and cause much trouble among the people.
Helaman 11:3–4
Knowing of the imminent destruction of the wicked people, Nephi prays and begs that the destruction be replaced with a famine.
Helaman 11:5–6
According to Nephi’s request, a terrible famine sweeps across the land, leaving large portions of the population dead.
Helaman 11:7–9
Seeing the significant toll the famine is taking, the chief judges ask Nephi to pray to end the famine.
Helaman 11:9–16
Realizing the people are repenting, Nephi beseeches the Lord to end the famine in the land.
Helaman 11:17
Rain begins to fall, and the famine dissipates.
Helaman 11:18–19
The people rejoice and glorify God; they esteem Nephi and his brother Lehi to be great prophets.
Helaman 11:20–21
The church and the people prosper and multiply, continually enjoying peace.
Helaman 11:22–23
Some disputes about church doctrine arise, but Nephi and Lehi use their revelatory gifts to solve the problems.