Nephi’s Preaching and Prophecies

Nephi’s Trial

Helaman 9:19

Despite the opposition by the five men, Nephi is bound and brought before the people.

Nevertheless, they caused that Nephi should be taken and bound and brought before the multitude, and they began to question him in divers ways that they might cross him, that they might accuse him to death.

Helaman 9:20

The legal officials question him, and even try to bribe him into confessing.

Saying unto him:

“Thou art confederate; who is this man that hath done this murder? Now tell us, and acknowledge thy fault; saying, Behold here is money; and also we will grant unto thee thy life if thou wilt tell us, and acknowledge the agreement which thou hast made with him.”

Helaman 9:19–36

Nephi rebukes them, then tells them to go see Seantum, the brother of the chief judge, who is the true murderer; he will deny it, but will confess when his brother’s blood is found on his clothes.

But Nephi said unto them:

Helaman 9:37–38

The people go to Seantum, and he responds just as Nephi said he would—Nephi is set free.

And it came to pass that they went and did, even according as Nephi had said unto them. And behold, the words which he had said were true; for according to the words he did deny; and also according to the words he did confess. And he was brought to prove that he himself was the very murderer, insomuch that the five were set at liberty, and also was Nephi.

Helaman 9:39–41

Many people begin to believe Nephi and esteem him highly.

And there were some of the Nephites who believed on the words of Nephi; and there were some also, who believed because of the testimony of the five, for they had been converted while they were in prison. And now there were some among the people, who said that Nephi was a prophet. And there were others who said:

“Behold, he is a god, for except he was a god he could not know of all things. For behold, he has told us the thoughts of our hearts, and also has told us things; and even he has brought unto our knowledge the true murderer of our chief judge.”

Helaman 10:1

The crowd disperses, and Nephi is left alone.

And it came to pass that there arose a division among the people, insomuch that they divided hither and thither and went their ways, leaving Nephi alone, as he was standing in the midst of them.