Also known as Ai, possibly Et-Tell


Aiath, also known as Ai, was a location mentioned briefly in the narrative recounted by the prophet Nephi, who quoted the writings of the prophet Isaiah. According to 2 Nephi 20:28, Aiath had been overtaken by the Assyrians: “He is come to Aiath, he is passed to Migron; at Michmash he hath laid up his carriages.” This passage illustrates a moment during the Assyrian advance, highlighting the conquest of various towns as the invaders moved toward their eventual goal.

Aiath’s historical and geographical context is rooted in the Old World, specifically within the ancient Near Eastern region. Although its precise location is not detailed within the Book of Mormon text, it is associated with a city that suffered under the Assyrian incursion, marking a point along the route of Assyrian aggression. It is further depicted within this scriptural excerpt as a town that has already been subdued by the invading force, signifying the might and destructive progress of the Assyrians as they moved through the territories. Aiath’s mention serves to enhance the prophetic messages concerning the expansive and relentless nature of Assyria during Isaiah’s time, providing a backdrop against which the prophecies and warnings could be understood by contemporary audiences.


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