Lamanite village visited by Nephite Missionaries


Ani-Anti was a Lamanite village located within the broader geographical setting of the land of Nephi during the time of the Nephite missionary efforts to share their religious beliefs with the Lamanites (Alma 21:11). Aaron, a Nephite missionary and brother to the prophet Ammon, visited Ani-Anti after experiencing rejection by the Amalekites and Amulonites in the city of Jerusalem (Alma 21:1-2). Upon his arrival in Ani-Anti, Aaron encountered his fellow missionaries, including Muloki and Ammah, who were already actively preaching and contending with the inhabitants about their religious teachings.

The reaction of the people of Ani-Anti to the missionaries’ message was not favorable, mirroring the resistance Aaron had earlier faced in Jerusalem (Alma 21:11-12). The lack of receptiveness in Ani-Anti highlights the challenges Nephite missionaries often encountered in Lamanite territories during their efforts to propagate the beliefs and doctrines of the Nephite religion. Following their limited success in Ani-Anti, Aaron and his missionary companions left the village to continue their missions elsewhere, eventually finding themselves imprisoned in Middoni (Alma 21:13-14).

Ani-Anti’s reference in the Book of Mormon serves as a brief glimpse into the terrain of Nephite missionary work. The account underscores the religious and cultural divide between the Nephites and the Lamanites during this period, and the steadfast dedication of Nephite missionaries to their faith and calling despite facing opposition.


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