Land of Antionum

Home of the Zoramites, visited by Nephite Missionaries

Land of Antionum

The Land of Antionum was a territory located to the east of the Land of Zarahemla, bordering upon the seashore to the south, and adjacent to the wilderness that was inhabited by the Lamanites (Alma 31:3). Known as the homeland of the Zoramites, a people who had fallen into apostasy, Antionum became a place of significant missionary work by Nephite leaders such as Alma2 and Amulek. Their preaching, which included seminal sermons on faith and the Atonement, proved transformative for many Zoramites. However, those converted by these teachings were ultimately expelled from Antionum due to the rigid societal divisions that had cemented since the time of the apostasy. These converted believers found refuge in the neighboring land of Jershon (Alma 35:6, 10-11).

With the departure of the believers, the Zoramites in the land of Antionum allied themselves with the Lamanites, turning the region into a strategic point for potential military action against the Nephites. In a notable episode recorded, the Lamanite-Zoramite coalition planned an attack from Antionum on Jershon, which was thwarted by Captain Moroni’s innovative military preparations. As a result, the Lamanite forces found it prudent to alter their strategy and retire into the wilderness, seeking a different route to engage the Nephites—ultimately setting the stage for the confrontation in the land of Manti (Alma 43:15, 18-22). Antionum’s involvement in these military maneuvers highlights its strategic importance as well as its pivotal role in the religious and political events of the time.


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