Possibly town near Babylon


Calno is a locale mentioned in the Book of Mormon, specifically in 2 Nephi 20:9. In this verse, it is rhetorically queried if Calno is much like Carchemish. Additional references from the same passage include juxtaposing other cities such as Hamath and Arpad, as well Samaria and Damascus. The query posed in the scripture, “Is not Calno as Carchemish?” can be paraphrased and interpreted as, “Has not Calno been destroyed just as Carchemish was?”

In context, Calno’s mention appears amid a proclamation by the king of Assyria, whose military forces, while moving westward and southward, had demolished several cities, including those listed. Therefore, Calno’s history– much like its scriptural counterparts– is characterized by military conflict and devastation.

Drawing upon broader scriptural context, it is arguable that Calno may also be the “Calneh” referred to in Amos 6:2. Despite being written about in similar contexts, Calno as noted in the Book of Mormon ought not to be confused with the Calneh of Genesis 10:10, the latter of which is described as a Babylonian city. Ultimately, the Calno of the Book of Mormon maintains a distinct identity from these other scripturally-referenced locales.


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