City by the Sea

Nephite city on the west coast

City by the Sea

The City by the Sea was a strategically positioned Nephite city located near the southwestern coast of the land, adjacent to the land of Antiparah. The city is mentioned during a pivotal military ruse conducted by the Nephite commander Helaman and his young Ammonite soldiers. This maneuver took place during the decisive battles between the Nephites and Lamanites that are outlined in the account of the war chapters in the Book of Alma. In an effort to draw the Lamanite forces out of the fortified city of Antiparah, Helaman led his troops in a feigned retreat towards the City by the Sea, implying that their intent was to supply or reinforce another city further along the coast (Alma 56:30-31). This tactic proved successful as the Lamanites abandoned Antiparah in pursuit of Helaman’s forces, only to be ambushed by another Nephite army led by Antipus. The resulting conflict was fierce, and although Antipus lost his life in the encounter, the Nephite strategy ultimately resulted in the liberation of Antiparah and contributed to the overall Nephite war efforts.

The City by the Sea is thus remembered for its role as a strategic decoy in this Nephite military operation, illustrating the geographical complexity and the importance of coastal cities in the system of Nephite defense. Its exact location and further historical significance, however, remain unelaborated within the text, indicating that its primary function in the narrative was as a reference point in a theater of war.


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