Southern neighbor to Israel, descendants of Esau


Edom, situated to the south of the Dead Sea and extending into the mountainous region of Seir, was primarily inhabited by the descendants of Esau, brother to Jacob who is also known as Israel. This proximity led to a complex relationship with Israel marked by both kinship and conflict. The language spoken by the Edomites was closely related to Hebrew, underscoring the shared ancestry with the Israelites. Despite the commandment that Israel should not abhor an Edomite due to their familial connection (Deuteronomy 23:7), historical accounts depict frequent wars and enmities between the two nations.

In the landscape of the Book of Mormon, Edom is referenced in a prophecy that points to a future unification and triumph of Ephraim and Judah over their adversaries, including laying hands on Edom (2 Nephi 21:14). This prophetic mention connects the narrative of the Book of Mormon to the larger scriptural context of the destiny of the house of Israel and its neighboring nations. The reference to Edom in the Book of Mormon, while brief, serves as an acknowledgment of the complex and storied history of this ancient nation and its intertwined fate with the covenant peoples of the Lord.


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