City of Gadiomnah

City destroyed at the crucifixion

City of Gadiomnah

The city of Gadiomnah is referenced in the Book of Mormon as one of the locations that faced divine retribution at the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. This city is among the few that were specifically named by the Lord when He spoke from the heavens, declaring the devastating changes that swept across the land as a part of His judgment upon the wicked (3 Nephi 9:8). In this declaration, Gadiomnah is listed along with other cities that had succumbed to iniquity and violence against the prophets and saints.

According to the record, the city of Gadiomnah was completely destroyed through dramatic geological upheavals. The Lord stated that He had caused Gadiomnah, along with the other mentioned cities, to be “sunk” and their locations transformed into “hills and valleys.” The inhabitants of Gadiomnah, due to their wickedness and abominations, were buried in the depths of the earth as a symbol of the Lord hiding their sins from His sight. This act of judgment was tantamount to the Lord cleansing the land of their evils, preventing further cries of innocent blood from coming unto Him.

The fate of Gadiomnah stands as a stark reminder of the consequences of societal wickedness and the eventual divine justice that prevails in the narratives of the Book of Mormon. The physical alteration of the city’s topography to form hills and valleys serves as both a literal and symbolic representation of the Lord’s power over life and land, as well as an indication of the thoroughness with which He can erase the traces of human iniquity from the face of the earth.


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