Great Jaredite City

Jaredite population hub near the narrow neck of land

Great Jaredite City

The Great Jaredite City was a prominent urban center constructed by the ancient Jaredites, as detailed in the Book of Ether. During the reign of Lib, an industrious and significant ruler in Jaredite history, the text mentions that the Jaredites "built a great city by the narrow neck of land, by the place where the sea divides the land" (Ether 10:20). This description locates the city adjacent to a key geographical landmark within the narrative, the so-called "narrow neck of land," which acted as a land bridge connecting two larger landmasses and was pivotal in terms of trade and travel.

The construction of this metropolis by the narrow neck of land suggests its strategic importance, potentially serving as a center of commerce, governance, and possibly defense. The proximity to the "dividing sea" implies it also had access to maritime resources and routes, further enhancing its stature as an economic and cultural hub within the Jaredite civilization.

While the Book of Mormon does not provide exhaustive details about the architecture, infrastructure, or daily life in the Great Jaredite City, its characterization as "great" denotes a city of significant size and importance. It was likely one of the chief population centers during the height of the Jaredite era before their eventual decline. The city might have been a focal point for cultural development and innovation, where the Jaredites reached grand achievements reflected in the construction and scale of the urban environment.


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