Hagoth's Shipbuilding Site


Hagoth’s shipbuilding site is noted in the annals of Nephite history at approximately 55 B.C. Situated near the borders of the land Bountiful, close to the land Desolation, it was adjacent to the narrow neck of land leading into the northward territories (Alma 63:5). Hagoth, considered an “exceedingly curious man,” constructed and launched an “exceedingly large ship” into the west sea from this site, initiating a series of sea voyages that contributed to the Nephite expansion. This location represents a focal point for exploration and possibly trade, as Hagoth’s first voyage was deemed a success.

However, subsequent voyages are clouded with mystery and tragedy; a second ship set out from Hagoth’s shipbuilding site, carrying many emigrants, but this ship and its company “were never heard of more,” indicating an ill-fated journey (Alma 63:8). Hagoth’s persistence in shipbuilding led to the construction of additional ships, one of which is noted for transporting Corianton, the son of Alma2, northward, suggesting that Hagoth’s site remained an active center for Nephite maritime activity. Despite the successes, the absence of concrete details regarding the fate of one other ship constructed at the site leaves a shroud of speculation over this period of maritime Nephite history (Alma 63:10). The site is thus recognized both for its role in the Nephite exploratory efforts and as a symbol of the human disposition towards curiosity and the unknown.


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