Land of Helam

Land inhabited by people of Alma1

Land of Helam

The Land of Helam was a territory in the borders of the land of Nephi where Alma1 and his followers sought refuge following an eight-day journey into the wilderness, escaping the armies of King Noah. This land was described as beautiful with pure water and pleasant surroundings, which allowed the people of Alma to build a city that they named Helam (Mosiah 23:4, 19-20). It was likely named after Helam, one of Alma’s first converts, signifying a place where the newly formed community could practice their faith and devotion to God’s commandments in relative peace and safety (Mosiah 18:12-14).

However, this peace did not last. The land and city of Helam were eventually overtaken by the Lamanites, allied with the former wicked priests of King Noah. Under this new rule, Alma’s people endured severe oppression and hardship. In response to their plight, the Lord miraculously eased their burdens and eventually caused the Lamanites guarding them to fall into a deep sleep, providing Alma1 and his people an opportunity to escape bondage and make their way to the land of Zarahemla (Mosiah 23:25-39, 24:8-20). The challenges faced by the people of Alma in Helam became a testament to their covenant with God, agreed upon at the waters of Mormon, to stand as his faithful witnesses in all situations (Mosiah 18:9). The account of their affliction and ultimate deliverance served as a powerful narrative of faith, resilience, and divine intervention, reinforcing the Lord’s care for his covenant people in their adversity.


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