Hill Shim

Hill in the land Northward

Hill Shim

The Hill Shim is a notable location within the Book of Mormon narrative, positioned within the land Northward. This hill is significant due to its role as a repository for sacred Nephite records. Ammaron, a diligent Nephite record keeper, recognizing the importance of preserving the history and revelations of his people, instructed the future record keeper, Mormon, concerning the records hidden within the hill. As Ammaron foresaw the threats that would jeopardize these sacred writings, he carefully hid them in the hill Shim, with specific directions for Mormon to retrieve the plates of Nephi when he turned twenty-four years old (Mormon 1:3).

Years later, in adherence to the charge laid upon him, Mormon visited the hill Shim to collect the historic records so that he might continue the narrative of his people (Mormon 1:3-5). When the Lamanite threat intensified, Mormon found it necessary to move all the records from the hill Shim to ensure their safety from impending danger (Mormon 4:23).

Additionally, the Hill Shim is mentioned within the Jaredite record, having been a landmark that Omer, a ruler of the Jaredites, passed during his departure from the land after the Lord warned him in a dream (Ether 9:3). Omer’s passage by the hill coincided with a period of great upheaval and foreshadowed the eventual destruction that would befall the Nephites in the latter days of their civilization. The hill thus serves as a geographical and historic touchstone, witnessed by both the Jaredites and Nephites at key points in their respective timelines.


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