City of Judea

Nephite city

City of Judea

The city of Judea was a Nephite stronghold during the later years of the war between the Nephites and Lamanites, particularly noted for its fortifications and strategic importance around 66 B.C. (Alma 56:9–10). Judea was under the command of Antipus, whose weary army was greatly bolstered in strength and morale by the arrival of Helaman and his two thousand stripling warriors. The added might of Helaman’s youthful force was enough to dissuade a Lamanite attack, as the enemy, recognizing the reinforcements, withdrew their immediate assault plans against the city (Alma 56:18–19).

The strengthened position of the Nephites in Judea allowed them time to fortify their defenses and to keep close surveillance on Lamanite movements. The city served as a strategic base from which Nephite intelligence operations were conducted, including the use of spies to keep informed of enemy troop movements. This intelligence was key to the Nephites’ efforts to carry out strategic maneuvers aimed at reclaiming Nephite cities under Lamanite control (Alma 56:22, 30; 57:11).

The city of Judea’s role was pivotal during this period, acting as both a defensive bastion and a springboard for offensive tactics designed to counter Lamanite aggression and recapture lost territories. It stood as a testament to the Nephite resilience and the effectiveness of Antipus’ leadership, supported by the youthful zeal of Helaman’s stripling warriors.


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