City of and Land of¹ Lehi

Land adjoining land of Morianton and containing city of Lehi

City of and Land of¹ Lehi

The city and land of Lehi, found in the Book of Mormon, display characteristics of strategic and societal relevance. During a time of profound growth within the Nephite population, the city of Lehi was erected in the northern part of the eastern seashore (Alma 50:15–18). Known for its distinct architecture and layout, the city held its significance within the Nephite communities.

The land of Lehi and the neighboring region of Morianton, perched by the seashore, once found themselves embroiled in a border dispute that sparked violent tensions among the habitants (Alma 50:25–36). The disagreement mounted to such an intensity that the people of Morianton armed themselves against their brethren of Lehi. This crisis eventually led the fearful inhabitants of Lehi to seek assistance from the camp of Moroni.

Years later, the city of Lehi was captured during a Lamanite offensive led by the crafty Amalickiah (Alma 51:24 –27). Although the Book of Mormon does not provide an explicit account of the city’s recovery, it can be inferred that Lehi eventually resumed its status as a Nephite city, along with other coastal territories (Alma 62:30 –31). Throughout its existence, the city and land of Lehi act as a testament to both the societal strife and resilient unity of the Nephite communities.


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