City of Nehor

Battleground for Corihor and Shule

City of Nehor

The land and city of Nehor played a pivotal role in the political dynamics of the Jaredite civilization as described in the Book of Mormon. As the site of a significant military confrontation, Nehor was notably the location where Shule, a son of Kib, fought against his brother Corihor. Corihor had previously rebelled and usurped his father’s throne, establishing himself in the land of Nehor (Ether 7:4). Subsequently, Shule crafted steel swords at the hill Ephraim and equipped his followers with these weapons before engaging Corihor in the city of Nehor (Ether 7:9). The battle concluded with Shule’s victory over Corihor, thereby restoring the kingdom to Kib.

The brief mention of Nehor in the scripture provides limited details about the land itself or the city’s characteristics. The account’s primary focus is on the military and political events that transpired there, specifically the internal familial conflict that had significant repercussions for Jaredite leadership and governance. The restoration of Kib to the throne signifies the importance of Nehor as a strategic and possibly fortified location capable of influencing the broader territorial control within the Jaredite nation.


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