Small town in Judah


Nob was an ancient town in the Kingdom of Judah, significant for its religious and historical connections. It served as a sanctuary for David during his flight from King Saul. Upon David’s arrival in Nob, he received help from Ahimelech the priest, which included provisions and the sword of Goliath (1 Samuel 21:1). This event, however, had dire consequences for the city’s inhabitants. Doeg the Edomite, a servant of Saul who witnessed David’s assistance by Ahimelech, reported this to the king, leading to Saul’s brutal massacre of the priests and residents of Nob (1 Samuel 22).

Geographically, Nob was mentioned in conjunction with Anathoth in the book of Nehemiah, situating it within the tribal lands of Benjamin and in close proximity to Jerusalem (Nehemiah 11:32). It was noteworthy enough to feature in a prophecy by Isaiah, where it is depicted as the final staging ground for an Assyrian assault on Jerusalem. Nob is described as a place close enough to allow a clear view of Mount Zion, indicating its position along the likely path of invasion and making it a strategic location of conflict (2 Nephi 20:32). Despite its inclusion in these texts, the exact location of Nob has not been unequivocally identified in modern times, and it remains a topic of scholarly discussion. The absence of a current name resembling Nob in the indicated area leaves its precise situation a matter of conjecture within the landscape of ancient Judah.


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