Place of Mormon

Region near city of Lehi-Nephi

Place of Mormon

Place of Mormon, a significant locale within the Book of Mormon, is known for its spiritual history and natural beauty. Situated on the outskirts of the city of Lehi-Nephi, near the land’s borders, this location nestles among a forested area and features a pure water fountain (Mosiah 18:4–5, 30). Synonymous with the revival of spiritual practices, the Place of Mormon was where Alma1 baptized approximately 204 souls, and the “church of Christ” grew significantly, solidifying its place in Nephite’s religious landscape (Mosiah 18:13–30). However, due to the perceived rebellion against King Noah3 and threats from his army, the thriving community of converts, which had risen to 450 individuals, was compelled to depart (Mosiah 18:34 –35).

Not limited to its past, the Place of Mormon’s influence extended into later generations. It was so intrinsically tied to the Nephite religious identity that the prophet-historian was named Mormon after this land (3 Ne. 5:12). More so, in his mission to preach repentance to the Nephites in Zarahemla, Alma2 invoked the historical events that transpired in Mormon as a powerful referent (Alma 5:3 –13). Thus, this locale remains a prominent feature in Nephite’s collective historical and spiritual memory.


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